ACNH Nook’s Cranny Guide – How to Upgrade It, Buy and Sell Items on Nook’s Store

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Nook’s Cranny, managed by Timmy and Tommy is the main shop on our island where we can buy anything: from furniture to tools. Here is everything you need to know about it!

ACNH Nook's Cranny Guide

The brothers Timmy and Tommy, who have always been involved in the sale of objects, will open Nook’s shop on our island, where we will be able to sell and buy ACNH furniture and useful items for our daily island life. Let’s find out how to unlock Nook’s shop and all the services available! 

How to obtain and improve Nook’s Cranny?

Nook’s shop will not be available from the beginning of our adventure, but we will still be able to buy what we need from Timmy and Tommy who will be at the service center.

We will be able to build Nook’s workshop only after having built our house, once this step has been carried out, we will have to talk to Timmy and Tommy who will ask us to procure the materials necessary for the construction of the shop: 30x units of normal wood, 30x softwood units softwood, 30x units of hardwood and 30x units of Iron nugget.

After delivering the materials to Timmy and Tommy, all we have to do is place the Shop construction kit where we prefer and wait for the next day to be able to use the services offered by Nook’s shop.

However, Nook’s shop is not destined to remain like this forever, but we will be able to improve both its appearance and the services offered. To upgrade the store we will simply have to wait about thirty days after it opens.

We will find a notice on our board saying that Nook’s shop will be closed the following day for renovations. The next day, however, we will find on our island the shop already renovated ready to offer its services.

Move The Tom Nook’s Store

If we don’t like the location of Nook’s Cranny, we can move it by paying 50,000 Animal Crossing bells to Tom Nook Tom Nook. The dimensions of Nook’s Store are 7 blocks in width and 4 blocks in length. 

All Animal Crossing Items For Sale at Nook’s Shop

At Nook’s shop we can find many items for sale that will change every day, these will be both on display and inside the shelf to the right of the shop entrance, or at the bottom left if we have not yet upgraded.


The objects displayed at the back of the shop are limited edition ones, which means that we will not be able to buy more than one.

We will find two of these objects for sale before the upgrade, but afterwards we will find three on display.

As soon as we enter, in front of us we will find other products that do not have a purchase limit.

We will find two of these every day both before and after the upgrade of Nook’s shop.

To the left of the entrance we will find seasonal items for sale only for a certain period of time.

These do not have a purchase limit, but will be available only after upgrading the Nook shop.


If we don’t feel like making our own tools, just go to Nook’s workshop.

Every day, on the shelf of daily articles, we will find each instrument in its fragile version and in another of those available that will change every day. Before the upgrade of Nook’s workshop, only fragile tools will be available.

Flowers and Seeds

Three different types of flowers will be available every day at Nook’s shop, before the upgrade there will be only two.

In particular, two of these seeds will always be of our native flowers and of another type that we will also find in the mysterious islands. The third type of flower, which is added after the improvement of the shop, varies from time to time and the flower we find depends on the month, some flowers cannot be sold in certain months of the year. The flowers will be available in all three basic colors.

As for the sprouts, on the other hand, both before and after the expansion of the Nook shop, we will always find a Sapling sprout and a cedar sprout sprout for sale. Both the flowers and the buds can be found on the shelf of daily items to the right of the entrance.

ACNH DIY Recipes

On the shelf of daily items in Nook’s shop we can find the schemes for the DIY recipes that are used at the beginning of the game, these will be available both before and after the store upgrade. However, once we have bought and learned one of the schemes in question, Timmy and Tommy will tell us that we already know the recipe and we will not be able to buy it a second time. The schemes available are DIY packages and those for fragile tools.

Wallpaper and Flooring

By pressing while interacting with the shelf of daily items we will be able to view the wallpapers and floors on sale of the day. Before the expansion, four wallpapers and four different floors are available.

After upgrading Nook’s workshop, however, we will find eight and they will be different every day.

Other Items

In addition to the items already mentioned, on the shelf of daily items we will always find our native fruit, the customization kits, the Medicine and a Horizontal-striped wet suit (Red) with horizontal stripes (Red).

But that’s not all, we will also find two umbrellas, two gift cards and two accessories such as balloons or the Confectioner Shooter; of these last mentioned items, before the upgrade of Nook’s shop we will find only one of each type instead of two. 

Selling at Nook’s Store

Another service of Nook’s Store is being able to sell what we no longer need by talking to Timmy and Tommy and selecting the “I would like to sell” option.

In addition, we will be able to sell even outside the store’s opening hours. Here is explained below how to do it!

The shipping box

When we need to sell something, but Nook’s shop is closed, we can use the deposit box, to do so just interact with it by pressing and selecting the items we want to sell.

However, the compensation due to us will not be credited to us on the spot as when we sell in the store, but we will find it on our Stellomat account the next day.

Another thing to remember when we sell at the deposit box is that the price of the items we sell drops a bit compared to when we sell by talking to Timmy and Tommy.

Items of the day

Every day, at Nook’s shop we will be able to sell two different items every day for double their normal price. Before the store upgrade, there will be only one item of the day instead of two.

To find out what these articles are, we can talk to Timmy and Tommy or interact with the bulletin board outside the entrance on the right. However, this service is not available for the deposit box.

Selling turnips

One way to earn a lot of bells is to sell turnips. The price of it changes once a day: from 8:00 to 12:00 they will have a certain price and from 12:00 to 22:00 they will have another.

However, the cost of turnips is not accidental, but follows a very specific pattern that changes every week. To find out how much we can sell turnips, just talk to Timmy and Tommy and select the turnips price.

It is not possible to sell the turnips on Sunday and their duration is only one week, after which they rot; let’s make sure we sell our turnips on time.