Best Putter For Left-Hand Low Grip

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Putting is one of the first and very important aspects of the game that many golfers learn about. Being a child, if we look back at the years of mini-golfing, it is so easy to watch out that the technique connected with putting has been deep-rooted in many of us from a very young age. But the problem is that it’s all wrong. Hitting a put is not as easy as swinging a game of tennis, a baseball, bat, or a racket.

Best Putter For Left-Hand Low Grip

So, If you want to be a well-skilled putter, you need to have precision. Now you must be thinking about how to get the accuracy required to score better? Do not worry. All you need to do is to start low left-hand putting, also known as the cross-handed putting, or find the best mallet putter for yourself.

What is low left-hand putting?

Cross-handed or a left-hand-low-putting is one of the lesser-known golf secrets. This putting method has been there for decades but has recently got popular by Jordan Speith. Cross-hand putting is simply defined as the reverse order of your hands when you start gripping your club. This is also called the “left-hand low putting” in the field of golf. When adopting this technique of the game, the right-handed golfers place their left hand underneath their right one.

Benefits of using the Cross-Handed Putting Technique:

Indeed, nobody would ever replace their tired and a true putting grip just for no reason. Right? So, there must be something really powerful and intriguing about the cross-handed putting technique. The following are the reasons why many golfers switch to the left-hand low putting technique.

  •  The very first place where you got improvement in yourself as a golfer is your accuracy. Yes, the cross-handed putting technique improves your accuracy and helps you score better,
  •  By aligning your shoulders, the cross-handed technique is also good for improving your ball striking on the green.

Furthermore, you are quite lucky if you are a mallet type putter person in the golf game. The reason while the best-scored golfers switch to the mallet putter is forgiveness and alignment. I have put together some of the best mallet putters for you to succeed. Let’s have a look at them.

  • TaylorMade Gold Spider X Mallet Putter  (This is called the runner up mallet putter with an incredible feel and a heavier clubhead).
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Bird of  Prey ( It is probably the best mallet putter overall.  It has a micro hinge face and is a high MOI putter).
  • Evnroll Golf Frontline Cero (It is the best premium mallet putter that possesses a simple yet classic look. This mallet putter has a CNC milled face that has been made in the US. But it’s quite a heavy mallet putter).
  • Cleveland Gold Huntington Beach #6 (A best value mallet putter has a milled face and is good because of its great price in very good quality).

 Pine meadows Golf Men’s PGX (One of the best cheap mallet putters comes with a headcover. It also has a nice white finish that helps to line up the puts).