Choose The Color of Your Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Watch

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Colors are expressions of character, mood, and feelings. We sense vibes through colors. When a man wears all black, we tend to look at him as someone who has socially aversive traits. Similarly, we look at people who always wear bright colored clothes as someone who has a fun, cheerful, and outgoing personality.

Choose The Color of Your Watch

Color choice is essential, and it is true not just for dresses or clothes we choose to wear, but also for our accessories. Considering that accessories are supposed to compliment our choice of clothing, it is necessary to make sure that our selection of colors in our accessories contributes to the cohesiveness of the look we are going for.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

The watch industry has evolved that it has now recognized coloring steel hardware. Marc Jacobs, recognizing the necessity of color choice in accessories, adapted to this trend. Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch has a vast collection featuring a variety of colors, from classic silver to sophisticated rose gold.

In this article, we will talk about the different colors in the Marc Jacob Watch. Our discussion will focus on their collection for Ladies. For each color, we will be suggesting models that might fit your taste in a watch. After reading this, you will have an idea of what might be the best pick for you according to your choice of color.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch: Silver Watches 

Silver, along with the color Gold, is a staple in watches. It is a casual color that fits both men and women. Furthermore, the neutrality of the shade allows it to be easily paired with different colored outfits. Throw on an all-white look, and a silver watch will complement it. Throw on a bright yellow shirt and pants, and a silver watch will do its magic.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watches has a wide option for silver watches. The Henry Transparent Dial Stainless steel Ladies watch is an example. This timepiece, from its name, has a transparent dial embellished with the Marc Jacobs label. This watch goes for the minimalist design. It has an all-silver look up to the bracelet, without any numbers drawn on its dial.

Another all-silver beauty is the Amy Dexter Silver Dial Ladies Watch. It has a thick round case with a Marc Jacobs label. Its white dial is designed with small gems as a substitute for numbers. Marc by Marc Jacobs is written just below the 12 gem. Amy Dexter has three stick-watch hands for seconds, minutes, and hours. It has a stainless steel adjustable bracelet.

Aside from these two, many other silver timepieces can be found in Marc Jacobs collection. They have the Amy Ladies Quartz Watch with an iconic light pink dial, Sally silver dial stainless steel known for its thin band, the Baker White pearlized Finish Dial Ladies Watch with its tiny cases. With Marc Jacobs’ collection, the options are endless.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch: Gold Watches 

Gold has such a luxurious feel to it. That is why it is almost always the color of jewelry and watches. You can wear the most simple outfit, and when you throw on a gold watch, it can upgrade the look to a whole new level. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch offers a wide selection of luxurious and elegant Gold timepieces.

Among the selection of gold is a little beauty called Mini Henry Ladies Watch. It is famous for its bright red dial, which complemented the gold case and band. The letters of Marc Jacobs were used to represent the numbers of the clock, giving it a unique and minimalist feel. It has three pencil watch hands to represent seconds, minutes, and hours.

Another gold timepiece is the Blade White with Crystal Dial Gold-tone Stainless Steel ladies watch. The watch has a white case with the brand’s name in gold. Numbers are substituted with small crystals. The beauty has a white dial, with three subdials and a date window. A lot is going on with this timepiece, yet every element complemented each other.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch still has so much to offer when it comes to Gold watches. They have the Henry White Dial Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Ladies Watch with its circular case furnished with Tiny gems, the Amy Ladies Watch with the remarkable aqua blue dial, and many more. Marc Jacobs offers a unique feel to your usual gold watch.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch: Rose Gold Watches 

Rose Gold is a feminine color. Watches being dominated by the colors gold and silver make rose gold a unique addition to the spectrum. It is class, sophistication, elegance, and femininity in a color. It is such a beautiful shade that it automatically upgrades a simple look without any more effort.

The Sally Rose Dial Rose Gold-Tone Ladies Watch is one of the most iconic rose gold timepieces of Marc by Marc Jacobs’ watch. It is known for the unique contrast between the watch and the bracelet, its bracelet being very thin. The All rose gold beauty has lines for numbers with MARC substituting numbers 1-4.

Marc Jacobs also has a wide collection of rose gold watches to choose from. The Blade Brown Dial Rose Gold-tone Ladies Watch is one, with its crowded rose-gold dial, the henry skeleton dial rose gold-tone steel ladies watch with its unique marc jacobs label hovering around its dial. The rose gold selection of Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is unparalleled.


Watches serve more than practical purposes; it also expresses a person’s character. For this reason, people must learn to assess the potential watches they want to own critically. It is not just on the quality and style, but also on the color as it is a vital factor in completing an aesthetic. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch offers you all the qualities you need for a perfect timepiece.