Decoding Kenwood AC Prices: A Guide for Pakistani Consumers

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Take into consideration Kenwood Air Conditioners if you’re searching for an air conditioner that can keep you cool all summer long. These strong and effective units are made to maintain a suitable temperature in your house or place of business throughout the year. They include several features and an energy-efficient design that will reduce your energy costs. A popular brand available at Aysonline, take into consideration a model if you’re searching for a new Kenwood AC Price in Pakistan.

Decoding Kenwood AC Prices

In Pakistan, these versions are priced starting at Rs. 48,000. Nonetheless, in the previous thirty days, they have decreased online by 6%. The KEP-1234S, KES-1830S, and eSleek KES-1230S are a few of the more well-liked variants.

The sleek KES-1830S has heat and cool features as well as an inverter technology that saves 60% on energy consumption. There is also a five-year warranty available for the KES-1830S.

Kenwood AC Inverter

The starting price of the Kenwood e-Sleek KES-1830S single-ton inverter air conditioner in Pakistan is Rs. 48,200. Online prices have decreased by 6% throughout the past 30 days. For people who care about the environment, the energy-efficient sleek KES-1230S AC is a wise option, offering up to 60% in energy savings. In addition, the KES-1830S Kenwood DC Inverter AC has a gold fin condensation and a heat and cool function. I-feel and anti-fungal features are also included in the model. An energy-efficient air conditioner with a five-year warranty is the e-Sleek KES-1830S.

Because of its power-efficient technology, those who wish to keep their homes cool while saving money frequently choose it.

Split Air Conditioner Kenwood

The company offers a wide selection of goods to accommodate various price points and tastes. Visit an Aysonline store in Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad if you’re in the market for a split air conditioner to learn more about these high-quality products. Kenwood’s eEco is an incredibly efficient air conditioner with dual cooling and heating functions. The eEco Plus is a 1.5-ton split air conditioner, and its eSmart split air conditioner has a 5-star rating. Both versions have a high-resolution light-emitting display and anti-fungal technology. A busy family will benefit greatly from the eEco Plus series.

With a 1.5-ton inverter AC, the Kenwood 1835S Eco Plus can save up to 75%.  Kenwood is more energy-efficient than the entry-level inverter air conditioners that are sold in Pakistan because it is a 3DC variant. The compressor, indoor motor, and outside motor are the three DC components that assist this inverter in achieving far lower amperes than other models on the market. Despite being a T1 compressor, the Kenwood 1835 Eco Plus Model has two rotary compressors, which helps it stay cool even when the outside temperature rises to 50 degrees. With a very respectable EER of 3.5 to 3.6, the Kenwood 1835S Eco Plus can save a significant amount of electricity over time.

Additional Features of Kenwood 1835 1.5 Ton Eco Plus:

  • Saves up to 75% Energy Savings
  • EER: 3.5-3.6
  • Works on Low Voltage
  • Can Work On UPS & Generator
  • 3DC Inverter AC
  • Dual Rotary Compressor
  • Works at 50 Degrees
  • Golden Fin Condenser
  • Heat and Cool Function


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The hot summers and rising temperatures in Pakistan have made purchasing an inverter air conditioner more of a need than a pleasure. These air conditioners have better compressor efficiency, use significantly less energy, and chill a room more quickly than standard models. Most significantly, using an inverter air conditioner lowers your electricity costs.

We have compiled a detailed list of the top inverter air conditioners available in Pakistan for your home if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner but are having trouble selecting between the proper size and brand.