Download WhatsApp Plus App for Android

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WhatsApp is one of the most used app in the world. The engagement on this app is massive. You already know about WhatsApp and what it does, if you don’t know about WhatsApp then you must be living under a rock. WhatsApp is a great messaging app which provides you a great way of connecting with your friends and family.

With the latest updates WhatsApp has become for interesting and intuitive. There are lots of great features on whatsapp but what if you can get even more features for WhatsApp. Well there is an app called WhatsApp plus which is basically a mod version of WhatsApp plus. So today we will talk about WhatsApp plus and how you can install this app on your Android smartphones and tablets.

Download WhatsApp Plus App for Android

WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp plusis already a very popular app among android and iOS users. If you never heard about this app before then it’s the time for you to download and try this app. If you are updated about WhatsApp plus then you might already know that WhatsApp plus was no more available for use but I will guide you to how you can use this app again. So stick to this article if you want to know how you can use WhatsApp plus in your Android smartphone.

WhatsApp plus is developed by Omar with his genius co-developers. The system of WhatsApp mod is tweaked very well to make the mod very stable. There were some issues regarding WhatsApp plus with the previous versions but now all those issues are fixed.

Why WhatsApp Plus is greater than WhatsApp

WhatsApp plus has a very unique feature of setting your last seen at anytime. You can set your last seen to any time even when you are online your profile will show the last seen that you had already set. Other than that there are loads of themes available for WhatsApp plus. You can download these themes from various third party sites. You can even share those themes to your friends on whatsapp plus. The theme is in theme.xml file which you can share with your friends.

These things are not available on the original whatsapp so you will definitely love this mod if you like intuitive features of WhatsApp plus.

Features of WhatsApp plus

  1. Hiding your last seen and online status with just few taps.
  2. Setting your preferred last seen in WhatsApp plus.
  3. WhatsApp plus is not a heavy app and it will also work flawlessly on low end android smartphones.
  4. You can do Video call to your friends and family.
  5. You can send multiple files at once and XML, PDF formats can be send on WhatsApp plus.

How to install Whatsapp Plus on Android

  1. Just go with any browser and search forwhatsapp plus apk then you will get download link and tap on the Download button.
  2. WhatsApp Plus download, after that you can tap on the Downloaded file and install the app.
  3. The app will be available on your home screen after it will get installed.