How Not To Screw Up With The QA Experts. A Complete Guide For Those Who Are Looking For An Outsourcing Software Testing Agency

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Software Testing Agency

Successful software development always includes testing procedures. Still, for most companies, testing is not a key activity. That is why they prefer to outsource software testing services, focusing on their core responsibilities. The practice of software QA outsourcing is getting more and more popular in the IT world, as it is always better to delegate testing activities to real professionals. Today, many companies offer their testing services, but unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted. When your product quality is on the stack, it is vital to deal with a reliable partner. A selection of an outsourcing software testing agency can be rather challenging, but it is worth the effort. A well-chosen outsourcing software testing company can become your long-lasting, credible partner and ensure a high-sky quality of your products. You can also hire PEOs’, like German PEO, to outsource from countries leading in technology.

To simplify your searching process, we have prepared a complete guide that can significantly help you.

Define your project peculiarities and requirements

To understand whether an agency can meet your requirements, you should primarily define them. That is why it is important to determine project peculiarities and required types of testing. On this ground, you can easily make up your requirements and set future collaboration goals.

Conduct preliminary research

Taking into account your requirements and goals, search for prospective candidates that seem to be most appropriate at first sight, complete your own best of the best list. After that, study every single candidate in detail, defining all their pros and cons.

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Consider reputation

Reputation is always of primary importance. Look up software testing outsourcing companies on Google Reviews, check social network accounts, and official websites. Therefore, you can get acquainted with the companies’ recent news, awards, and projects. A list of previous and current clients can also reveal the companies’ qualification level and experience.

Check experience

Experience is always crucial as only long-term work provides needed skills and knowledge. When it comes to some extremely specific projects, experience and domain expertise play essential roles. Check a candidate’s portfolio for similar projects and make sure that they have managed to do it well.

Check availability of needed tools and technology

Check that an outsourcing software testing agency has all the required facilities for your product testing. Make sure that all needed software, devices, tools, platforms, back-end database systems, etc. are available and ready for operation.

Pay attention to the QA team’s flexibility

These days most companies develop software using various agile methodologies. As a result, numerous changes in requirements and technology occur very frequently. Make sure that your future QA team can handle it smoothly.

Check scalability

After a while, your project may require more QA resources. That is why make sure that your prospective candidate is able to scale up according to your product demands.

Conduct interviews

It is essential to be sure that a project will be entrusted into the right hands. That is why it is advisable to conduct an interview to ensure that hired staff – QA engineers, leads, managers, and technical personnel – are competent enough and good at software testing and management.

Compare fees

During your research, you are likely to get an idea of average fees for software testing services. Compare this sum with your candidate’s pricing. Unreasonably high fees should not be considered, but a low price should not be a ground for collaboration as well. In this case, you must double-check to ensure that a company is really able to provide proper software testing.

Take into account  team location

The most important question that comes up during a search for a suitable outsourcing software testing agency is whether to hire an offshore or local company. As a rule, offshore companies deliver high-quality services at a fraction of the cost. But collaboration with such companies can have certain risks: cultural differences, language barriers, and time zone differences can lead to misunderstandings and delays. On the other hand, by working with local companies, you can avoid all these challenges and organize seamless cooperation.

If after all you decide to work with an offshore company, ensure that they are able to bypass the mentioned barriers.

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Never neglect NDA and SLA

If your project involves some sensitive data, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a must. It is the best way to protect yourself and your customer from possible data breaches. In its turn, a service level agreement (SLA) not only defines project specifications and timeline but serves as a guideline to handle potential issues that can arise during software development.


These days, software testing outsourcing is the best way to provide the top notch quality level. Still, it is important to choose the right partner. That is why a depth-in study and thoughtful consideration is required before you entrust your product quality to other hands. Considering our tips, you will not screw up on QA experts and take advantage of quality assurance outsourcing.