How To Clean An RV Toilet Bowl?

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One of the most common questions that people usually ask about is the best method to clean toilet bowls. Can the toilet bowls be cleaned with the household chemical cleaners, or what about some disinfectant wipes?


A toilet is that part of your house which must be properly cleaned. Some of the people have the RV toilets at their homes and some people live in RVs permanently.

Do you know what an RV toilet is? An RV toilet is a portable toilet that can be fixed at a specific place, usually with the back’s water tank. This water tank can be easily removed and replaced. However, regularly cleaning the RV toilet is a must to have into your routine.

Ways To Clean Your RV Toilets

It is necessary to use the best possible cleaning methods for your RV toilets. Because RV toilets come into a different kind of material, make sure that you do not clean that will get empty into the water tank of your RV toilet. It would be great to use non-abrasive, safe toilet bowl cleaners that are effective and can work on various kinds of surfaces. Well, don’t worry. We have picked some of the best-recommended RV toilet cleaners for you.

Using Non Abrasive Bowl Brush And Sponges

Finding the best toilet brush for cleaning your RV toilet is another important step. You can clean your toilet with a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Using a toilet brush can be a good idea but remember that it will work only if the brush would be soft and bristle. If you are using a sponge, make sure that it must be non-abrasive and won’t scratch the bowl of your RV toilet.

The POPTEN toilet brush and holder is, however, a good choice for this purpose. It has a soft brush with silicone bristles that can be super helpful in cleaning your bathroom.

Using Thetford Aqua Clean RV Cleaner

The most powerful and safe solution for cleaning your toilet bowl is the Thetford aqua cleaner that gives an effective and gentle cleaning to your toilet bowl. It is bleach-free and 100% biodegradable. Another good thing about using this cleaner is that it can be used on fiberglass, plastic, porcelain surfaces in RVs, on the boats, and can work everywhere.

Other Ways Of Cleaning Your RV Toilet

If you want to have a neat and clean toilet, you must do the following things to keep your RV bathroom clean.

  • Spray the toilet bowl with a good cleaner every day.
  •   Scrub the bowl to give it a neat look.
  •   Use the best toilet brush to remove scars from the bowl.
  • When scrubbing is finished, rinse the RV bowl with clean water.
  •  Clean the back tank of the bowl regularly.
  •   For smelling it fresh, use the drop-in packets.


Cleaning is always good for health. Whether it’s the cleaning of your house or the toilet, everything must look neat and tidy. And so is your RV toilet. You can follow the ways mentioned above to keep your bathroom washed and spotless.