How to Keep Your Main Door Safe

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As the keeper of your home, it is your job to keep your main door area safe. You should have the right mindset and the right tools to make sure that your house is protected from anything that may cause danger in your home. A battery operated doorbell is a simple way to differentiate guests from trespassers. By not using the doorbell, you already know that the persons in front of your home have no intention of coming in normally through the door. Here are ways to keep your main door safe.

Main Door Safe

How Can You Keep Your Main Door Safe?

Use a doorbell

One way to keep your main door area safe is through the use of a doorbell. Normally, someone who is in front of your home would knock or use a doorbell to contact the people inside the house. A person who has ill intentions will not do it at all. Placing a battery operated doorbell near your main door can help you evaluate immediately if someone plans to go inside the house without you knowing.

Because of technology, a doorbell has also evolved in many ways. Doorbells right now are battery-operated. This means that you do not need long wires to install a doorbell in front of the house. Second, doorbells nowadays have videos integrated into them. You can actually have a video of the people on your porch and have a snapshot of them while they are on your property. Third, doorbells can also be installed with dual-audio options.

Upgrade your locks

If you have been living in your home for quite a while, chances are, your door locks have been the same from the day you had your doors installed. Technology has continued to improve and should utilize the best locks possible for your door. Burglars will also try to study how to break in normal door locks so you must level up your door protection by installing locks that are more difficult to be tampered with. You should also place multiple locks. This will make it harder for thieves to go inside your home. Make sure to put locks on your windows as well.

Add a home security system

Another way to secure your front door is through a home security system. You should have a way to check every area of your house whether you are at home or not. Having a camera security system will allow you to have access to cameras installed on strategic parts of the house including your main door. You can watch a live video feed from the camera system. You can also take a look at videos recorded online through the security system.

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You can find a home security system that will fit your budget. You can assess what you need and look for trusted brands that can give you the service that will cater to your home’s protection. You should buy packages and bundles for the camera system so that you can secure not just your main door but also other parts of the house.


Your main door area is a part of the house that should be surveyed the most. It is where most unallowed entries start. Others may not intentionally want to go into rob and get inside a home but they sometimes do so because of circumstances and possible opportunities to enter the house. Make use of electronics to monitor your home. A battery operated doorbell with video will go a long way. You can check who goes in front of your house. Some even have dual audio options so that you can talk to the person outside. Make sure to evaluate all your options for the safety of your home.