How To Mount A Light On A Shotgun?

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The old version of shotguns has some serious drawbacks, including the unreliable mounting surface for the weapon light. These old shotguns are then semi-retired to the home-defense duty and get wasted sometimes. But it’s just stupidity to waste them out.

How To Mount A Light On A Shotgun

Some people have affection for their beloved old shotguns. Instead of the fact that these old guns lack many advanced features, they still want to keep them. Worry not, I have an easy solution for all those who are looking for mounting a light on a shotgun. The following are the tips that help you get a light on your old shotgun. Lets’ explore them.

Do you know that the most needed thing is the tactical flashlight for the firearm of the shotgun? Since the shotgun lights are essential for any shotgun, so, here is how you can mount a light on to your shotgun.

  • Firstly, you need to determine the configuration and the model of a shotgun. Not every version of the shotgun has the available solutions. It is true that the extended magazine tubes provide a rock-solid foundation. But the other market products also perform well.
  • Find the product and make sure that whether the manufacturer has recommended its use on your shotgun model or not. You will be required for a tight fit to survive the bumps, recoil, and bangs.
  • Properly check out the contents of the package. Many systems depend upon the viselike grip delivered by two plates that are affixed by the bolts. Barrels and magazines do not always have the same diameter; therefore, the sizes can vary.
  • Now, find out a perfect location that does not encumber the slide of the pump-action. Clean out the tubular magazine and the gun’s barrel.
  • Leaving the bolts loose, thread into the bolts that affix the adapter or rail onto the main unit. Now place the main plates upon the barrel location and install the bolts. You need to tighten the hand until there is no movement.
  • You can now remove those loose bolts. Again, clean out the contact surface and affix with the slight tightening as per the instructions. Ok, so now affix the light. You should now shoulder the gun and find out how comfortable you are while accessing the control of the weapon’s light. Things are not done yet. When working upon the switches, remember to minimize the undue pressure. That’s a perfect time for adding a pressure pad.
  •  It’s time to identify the location you like. Carefully adjust all things, if possible. Put a mark on that sweet spot and break down the rig. Reassemble them the way you did it before. Tighten again, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The best part of the process is probably the non-permanent locking compound.


Please note that a few versions of these systems lock onto the barrel of a sporting semi-auto shotgun. There is a system that also relies upon the grip of a pair of clamps/plates. Therefore the installation is almost identical until you substitute a flashlight of proper diameter.

Conclusively, the installation of shotgun lights is crucial, so you must learn a procedure of how to mount it on to your shotgun or else buy an advanced featured shotgun for home safety.