Importance Of Buddha Statue In the house

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House, home, residence, flat, apartment or whatever you call your place. For all of us it is the best and sometimes the only place to relax ourselves, rewind our mind and let go…  According to our personality all of us prefer different things in our home. Adding a buddha statue to your abode is a great way to incorporate positive energy and uplift the decor of your home.

Buddha Statue In the house

Why should we have a Buddha statue in the house?

Lord Buddha is known for his kindness, compassion and mercy. We can receive a piece of his divine blessing in the form of a Buddha statue or idol. There are a number of blessings that we can get from him some of them are as follows :-

  • Academic excellence- Having trouble with studies or work? Or is it getting difficult to focus? Getting distracted frequently. Having a buddha statue on your desk might help to fix that. As lord buddha is known to be a great source of positive vibration which might be helpful for Concentration.
  • Remove vastu trouble- one of the most problematic issues in homes is vastu. Making a house according to vastu may not be possible all the time which may result in Vastu dosha. Having problems with vastu dosha can result in some adverse side effects in our house, for example continuous bickering in the household, consistent gloomy thoughts and negative energy that consistently persist in our house. VAstu Experts believe that having a Buddha statue can remove or in some cases can help in completely getting rid of vastu problems.
  • Improve your ambience – Everyone wants to have a dream house that everyone talks about. Having a showstopper Brass Buddha Statue can be one step forward towards your dream house. A shiny, smiling and serene buddha statue is a great way to add a cultural element with a hint of sophistication into our home.
  • Helps with ‘Dhyana’- ‘Dhyana’ is a sanskrit word which means to concentrate. Now-a-days, due to lifestyle and work load we are dealing with a lot of stress which in the long term will have adverse effects on our well being. Meditating is one of the best ways to relax and unwind all the stress and help with a better outlook on life. Having a Buddha statue is said to improve the mediation and concentration of a person.
  • Raise Positive Vibration – We might not even notice but all kinds of negative energy continuously looms around us. Who wants that? No one. But how do we ensure that we have positive energy around us? One of the most reliable ways is to get a brass buddha statue. They are believed to be the powerhouse of positive energy.

 What kind of buddha statue should I have in my home?

With the evolution of globalism, and increase in popularity of Buddhism. We come across a whole lot of choices when it comes to buddha statue but which one is best choice for you we have some snippets of information regarding that

Down Below- 

Sleeping buddha

 “ A good laugh and a long sleep are two best cure for everything”

  • Irish proverb

This proverb speaks volume on how small things can solve the biggest problems. Having a long peaceful sleep is a constant need for every human. But sadly for some people uninterrupted sleep is not that easily achieved. This could be due to many reasons but one of the reasons could be due to lingerance of stress, anger and other negative emotions that give rise to negative energy which may lead to insomnia and other problems. A resting buddha is said to bring peace, positive vibration and helps to see past materialistic things. Having one near your bed stand may improve the quality of your sleep and help you to tackle stress.

Meditating buddha

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak’’

-Gautam Buddha

This is a very famous quote of Gautam Buddha. But what does it mean to quiet the mind? It means to declutter the things that are constantly in your head. It can be done by silencing all doubts, voices in your head. But how can we achieve it? One of the best ways to do so is by meditating. But it is hard to do so. Most difficult part is to concentrate. There is something that might help you. That is, A meditative buddha having a brass buddha statue in your garden or your meditating room is said to help in concentration. A Brass Buddha statue is said to bring peace, harmony and resilience in one’s life.

Medicine buddha-

Your body is precious, it is our vehicle of awakening, treat it with care’’

Gautam Buddha

Needless to say more about this one. We all have heard variations of this quote but the message it sends is the same i.e. ‘health is wealth’ and take care of your body. We can to some extent prevent our body from sickness but we cannot escape from it. Some of us are born with chronic illness or have gotten sick despite all the preventive measures. In this situation we need constant prayers, blessings and positivity around us. A medicine buddha is known for its healing power. It is believed that if some have a idol of medicine buddha then the patient will have a speedy recovery. If keep in a normal household it is said that a medicine buddha drives away the negative, illness or any kind of ailments around it. It is also considered as best gift for an ill person. Have one brass buddha statue in your home and get a steady vibration of good health and disease free life. 

Buddha head

There is no path to happiness, Happiness is the path.”

Gautam Buddha

As Lord Buddha said that happiness does not have a defined path but rather we should find happiness along the way in our journey of life. A positive and right mind set is required for experiencing happiness in life. But sometimes we have negativity around us which makes it harder to do so. Or sometimes we simply forget about Lord Buddha’s teaching. We might have a solution for this by incorporating a buddha head statue, we are adding a stable source of positive energy along with that the buddha statues are a nice way to remind us of the teaching of Buddha and a shiny brass Buddha statue is always a classy choice to upgrade your decor game.


Here you go to all the important snippets of information regarding the importance of the Buddha statue at home. Hope this little guide helps you to make choices suitable to your needs. Keep all this information in mind and add a shiny brass buddha statue for your home.

Thanks for reading till the end.