Mina Sundwall and Her Biggest Revelation on Her Turning Points in Life

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Interviewing people would open up barrels of wisdom when it’s people who have achieved greater heights and looking to influence others in the pipeline as well. Some regular questionnaires series has asked Mina Sundwall, the star from the lost space, some interesting questions, and her response seems to have caused a stir with people relishing it to extremes.

Mina Sundwall and Her Biggest Revelation

Let us get into some excerpts from the interview and learn something about the start herself from her peroration in detail.

She claims to have one hand in the textbook and the other on the spacesuit when stumbling all the way filming her Netflix series Lost in space. She also says that dabbling in both realms seems to be exciting and thrilling for her. It is no surprise to anyone that she has notched up success at such an early age when so many are yearning for it still.

Her effusion about optimism seems to give some enlightenment to the audience and the revelations for our awareness follow.

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On her fresh energy:

Sundwall calls every day an adventure and strives on coffee for her relentless energy. She says juggling between two fields requires heavenly energy and the traveling hours it entails are a lot more than any conventional routine. All this needs a refresher and that is coffee according to her.

Relationship with phones:

Phones have become an essential aspect of life like food and water. Sundwall is no exception as she claims to be glued to it. It has become the repository of her life which almost stores every pointer of her existence and actions. She is so forgetful of her purse and thanks to her mobile which is a savior in helping her find it out. She seems to have become addicted to the phone as all contacts from her family to friends are constantly in touch because of that and her playlists kind of dictate her mood. She is more of a call person than messages as she hates notifications which disrupt her life. She tries hard to stay focused on natural life than getting too virtual beyond bounds to stay balanced on her life.

Similarities of her off-screen image and onscreen image:

She feels that as both their ages match, the similarities extend to their life as a teenager trying to navigate life in all its glory. Both the character and herself enjoy reading, writing, and are quite observant in nature. Their dispositions match as they both can make witty comebacks. They have a vigorous sense of humor also at the same time.

Other than these similarities, the character’s demeanor is quite different in how sassy she is. She has a younger heart than her real self is her firm belief. She has never been to space but has had an experience very similar to eccentric situations like this. Her share of adventure comes at a different expense.

Response from the people after watching the show:

She opines that people go through a gamut of emotions when they watch her show. The season targeted that kind of reaction in the first place. It has layers of sadness, happiness, mystery, funny and terrifying all at the same time where the blend is so smooth and perfect. The life-or-death crisis of the protagonist reflects in the audience as well as it taps the chord of spectators without much ado. The small quippy and quibble moments of father and daughter make for a fun watch.

What helps her thrive on set:

The three things she says she can’t do without on a set are

  1. A water bottle that is reusable to freshen her up.
  2. A yoga mat or exercise equipment.
  3. Finally her dog.

These three things come off as must-haves as it would be very difficult to manage without them

Lessons from her auditions

Auditions according to her are the litmus test to withstand rejections and so many of them in a row. It has given her some life lessons which she feels have shaped her career to a great extent in all possible ways. There are times when one would not get what the director really expects and sometimes actors are bound to get misleading while delivering their parts. The sad part according to her is that they don’t get a second chance if the first fails to pass off. She feels she would prefer going about her variations than being simple about her acting choices when she is given an opportunity.

She feels, competition is irresistible and cannot be overcome by stressing or pressing too much about it. So many become viable for a role and if someone gets picked over her, she would not feel bad as there is always something that will knock on doors when the time is right.

Sometimes she also says, rejection happens for some arbitrary reason as the character is not you. Neither the look, age nor acting matters, the character would not fit your mold and all you have to do is just move on. Letting go needs a lot of valor in this profession rather than sticking to something like glue. The perseverance and the vigor to sustain is what holds the key when the door is knocked at the appropriate time.


Cooking, according to her is therapeutic. Though it is a mixture of repetitive actions, the creativity involved with the task is more inviting and feels cathartic in nature. It can blow off your steam according to her as it is such a stress-buster. It’s a break from the beats of the regular world and the outcome is savorer as you get something to devour in all fascination.


She stresses that every day is a good day. She starts her day with that dictum and goes on to follow it in all her strength. She feels that most of our lives are well-placed that we are in a position better than millions of people out there. There is so much god has given and nothing that happens to her is adverse is her way of beating the blues. She also feels positive when she helps people. When she tries to relieve people from their struggles, the satisfaction that fills your mind is extraordinary and there can be no replacement for that according to her is her suggestion to others.

Her advice:

Her advice for the upcoming bunch of actors is that they have to treat their bodies and everyone around them equally with respect. She says, the entertainment industry is a roller coaster profession and is quite fluid that way. Some remote assistants could become directors one day. Hence respecting all on equal status goes a long way in this abode.


She is a phenomenal actor who has made it big at such a young age. People like her have some philosophies to success which helps influence so many in waiting. All we need to do is just follow suit her footsteps and find our motive sparkling to execution with all the vigor and verve. Her turning point in life is now and we could have this golden phase in our life if we try a little harder to put our best steps forward.