Recruitment Agencies: Your Gateway to Islamabad’s Job Market

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Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified applicants for a position in a business or organisation. Having quality hires is crucial to achieving excellent organizational performance. They are here to help you with the challenging process of choosing the best candidate for your open position in a timely and cost-effective manner. They are effectively establishing a criterion for the advantage of their clients, allowing for the manipulation of the hiring process on both sides.

Recruitment Agencies

Headhunting Techniques

Their meticulous methodology guarantees that the client obtains the most competent pool of candidates accessible in the market. This means that the headhunter must use multiple strategies at different stages that are most suited for the client’s needs based on experience, industry, and preferences for a certain position. Here, we’ll talk about Islamabad recruitment agencies. This necessitates the headhunter using several approaches at various phases that are most suited for the client’s requirements depending on expertise, industry, and preferences for a particular post. We will discuss here recruitment Agencies in Islamabad.

Time Spent on Services

  • To offer headhunting and recruitment services, they follow this process.
  • We think it’s always better to do a kickstart with reviews, thus it’s crucial to meet with the customer to understand their needs regarding talent resources.
  • The process of headhunting commences with the signature of a service level agreement, or SLA.
  • They use all pertinent approaches to create and distribute a pool of shortlisted candidates.
  • Regarding the submission for further processing, such as an examination or interview, the client offers feedback.
  • They often distribute the resumes of shortlisted candidates who were approached through headhunting.
  • The customer is satisfied when the headhunted candidates are selected for placement.
  • They both share the invoice.
  • The bill is paid by the client within ten to fifteen working days.
  • Change course; we have a cat’s eye vision.

Our Unique Expertise in Resources

You can access and filter the following materials that they can expertly offer you using their internal sources.

  • Officers from the retired Army now work in the corporate world in the technological, security, and administrative departments.
  • Technical experience in information technology and power generation recruitment.
  • The market demanded streamlined, flexible payroll outsourcing services at affordable prices, therefore Independent Payroll Providers, a strategic HR partner, opened its second-largest third-party payroll outsourcing wing.
  • Their goal is to assist our clients in attaining quantifiable cost reductions and enhanced service excellence.
  • They are extremely proud of their role in the growth of companies like Fiber Home International and the Fauji Group of Companies.
  • We have successfully established our payroll system at our clients’ workstations since the establishment of this wing to provide the most effective and efficient services.
  • Their area of expertise lies in providing public sector organizations with specific assistance on employee grievances, industrial relations matters, and human resource legal compliance, encompassing taxation, Social Security, and employee engagement initiatives.

Services Provided

  • Each month, they input/capture, compute, and finish the client’s payroll, which includes claims and salary payments. They use all payroll-related data provided by the client, Pakistani Statutory Bodies, under the strictest of confidence.
  • In addition to statutory payments (such as checks from Faysal Bank, Standard ETCed Bank, and ETC for resignations and recruits made after the monthly payroll deadline), they ask the client for checks and money requisitions each month to pay salaries and wages through a range of bankers.
  • It sends all of the payments mentioned in item 4 to the relevant organizations along with the required documentation before the deadlines mentioned. After the timeline, checks are put into the bank accounts of the employees.
  • data submission to them, encompassing information on employees, deductions, benefits, resignations, and new hires.
  • submitting data to the client for approval before the completion of the paycheck.
  • putting money together and paying salaries to staff members via bank accounts or other means.
  • The following basic payroll reports will be generated by them after every payroll period:
  • Payroll summary.
  • reports that detail allowances and deductions.
  • Reports from time to time
  • Salary reconciliation reports
  • Statutory Compliance Reports

All-In Payroll

To assist management in making choices, all reports for each company in a group of firms that you own as well as combined reports can be published.

  • It distributes, sorts, and sends the pay stubs for all disbursements directly to each location where the client’s employees are stationed in Pakistan each month.
  • On your behalf, they will take care of submitting the required documentation to the relevant authorities for any new hire or resignation.
  • As long as the payroll software is capable of doing the work, it generates reports as needed and at the client’s request.
  • It answers calls and emails daily, acting as the client’s payroll helpdesk. With any relevant difficulties, you can get in touch with our designated team leads at any time of day.
  • It generates the payroll cost accounting journals and the financial month-end provisioning accounting journals in the format that the customer specifies. Utilizing the financial month-end data, calculate the leave balance. Then, transmit the results to the client’s accounting system to ascertain the accrual of leave.
  • Utilizing the financial month-end data, calculate the leave balance. Then, transmit the results to the client’s accounting system to ascertain the accrual of leave.
  • Each month, it conducts reconciliation on all payroll-related accounts and creates adjustment diaries for the reconciliation.

Instruction and Guidance

In recent years, the sector has found it more and more vital to train employees in both soft and technical abilities. Developing human resources is now essential to achieving organizational objectives. To address this need, the training and development department has separated its portfolio of training services into two categories.


Our clients’ needs for professional training are facilitated by this cadre. by providing end-to-end training services and delivery support for the client throughout negotiations (both technical and soft skill training). University graduates find it simpler to graduate with this corps. IRco-SMC-Pvt. Ltd. and educational institutions have partnered to help students become involved, successful professionals.