Soundcloud Plays and Why People Buy Them

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Every artist needs a huge audience to get traction and get their song rolling on the bandwagon.

One of the ways to achieve this tremendous success is having as many SoundCloud plays as possible.

Soundcloud Plays and Why People Buy Them

Unlike likes, SoundCloud plays insinuate popularity, fan base, and valuable content.

In other words, a track may have several likes, but it won’t get heard as much as the one with several plays.

To keep a coherent and effective promotional strategy and increase your number of SoundCloud plays, you might grow them organically or buy them.

Growing your fan base naturally is usually more efficient, but it takes much time. Buying plays, on the other hand, takes minimal effort and time.

While the latter might seem like a viable shortcut to success, it could be the breakthrough you need.

In this article, we’ve collated a couple of benefits of buying SoundCloud plays and the reasons why people buy them.

· Kick Start the Promotion of a Song

Every upload usually starts with zero views, comments, and likes.

Some content creators will get very few plays if they have a substantial following while the bulk of new creators may have to wait for a considerable period even to have a few views.

With only a few artistes recording thousands of views after a few weeks of upload, it is possible to be part of the many artists that won’t get a view even after a month of upload. Sucks, right?

Famous artistes are usually popular on the platform and wouldn’t consider buying SoundCloud plays since they have them for free due to their outreach and a huge fan base.

Buying SoundCloud plays would be an incredible start for the promotion of a song. If your track already shows that it’s been played by a few hundred or thousand people, you’ll certainly get the attention of other subscribers who’ll probably join the bandwagon of adding to your plays.

Besides, buying a huge number of plays would increase your outreach exponentially and make your content go viral. Keep in mind that any viral content on such a platform would have a tremendous impact on your fan base.

· Social Credibility

No doubt, no one wants to be the first to watch a video or listen to a track.

To get the first few plays, you’ll need to be credible enough and prove you can produce good quality content.

One notable benefit of buying SoundCloud plays is garnering a huge number of followers – who are your fundamental “social currency.” The more you have plays, the more popular you’ll become and perceived as socially credible.

On the contrary, you’ll be perceived as a novice or ‘fluff artiste’ if you fail to attain the threshold of social credibility.

Worse still, you might be experienced and talented in producing content, but you’ll be placed in the category of amateurs if you don’t have a significant number of plays.

In other words, having hundreds, if not thousands of plays, would undoubtedly earn you the online reputation you need and attract media companies, agents, and recorders to secure a contract with you.

Besides, many SoundCloud artistes get thousands of plays after being featured by the media. So if you buy plays and gain the attention of the media, your fan base would increase exponentially and kick start your content creation career.

What to Watch When Buying Sound Cloud Plays

Not everything is straightforward when buying SoundCloud plays.

Unsurprisingly, it is quite probable to buy hundreds of plays without having the chain effect you expected.

Severalthings that come into consideration you buy promotional services like SoundCloud plays that determine whether your venture would be successful or not.

Keep in mind that SoundCloud users are very watchful of artistes who are garnering lots of likes, plays, and subscribers.

Buying too many plays may not work to your leverage since people hate artistes who buy their way to popularity.

That said, you should use a tactful approach when buying plays and choose the marketing company wisely to increase your organic plays at the same pace as the bought plays.

There are lots of companies that offer questionable prices and unethical ways to increase theSoundCloud plays that could make you the next victim of a scam.  Worse still, some companies could intentionally try to scam you, so it’s imperative to make the wisest choice in choosing your company.


Buying SoundCloud plays is an effective marketing strategy if you do it incredibly well.

While it’s not a make or break factor when growing your fan base, it should be part of your holistic plan in garnering a large audience.

Since you cannot attain your desired popularity overnight, you need to buy plays with modesty to offset the likelihood of backfiring.