The Glorious Names of Prophet Muhammad: Exploring His Titles and Epithets

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Prophet Muhammad SAWW is the most beloved prophet of Allah SWT. Allah SWT has blessed His Prophet SAWW with beautiful and glorious names. These names of Prophet Muhammad SAWW are not just names, these names actually depict the personality of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Scholars have compiled many works on the names of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW and the compilers of biographies and honorable mentions have devoted sections to explaining his name SAWW as Judge Ayyad did in his book “Al-Shifa bi Tarifid Huqooq Al-Mustafa”, and he conveyed Some of them belong to the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – about three hundred names, and some Sufis have reached a thousand names, and they said: “God has a thousand names, and His Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – a thousand names.”  in this blog we will explore about the holy names of the Prophet Muhammad-may God bless him and grant him peace and the titles as well as the epithets.

The Glorious Names of Prophet Muhammad

The Prestigious Origin of The Name ‘Muhammad’ For The Most Honorable Prophet Muhammad SAWW

There is a reason behind the name of the Prophet Muhammed. Abdul-Mutallib was traveling in al-Sham with three other people. They encountered a group of rabbi Jews along the route. ‘From where did you come?’ inquired the Jews. ‘We are from Makkah,’ they said. So one of the rabbis told them, “A Prophet will emerge from your country.” ‘What is the name of this Prophet?’ they inquired. ‘His name will be Muhammed,’ he said. The Arabs had not before used the name Muhammed.

When these four friends returned, they each chose to call any of their new kids Muhammed. Abdul-Mutallib couldn’t have any more children, therefore he wanted the first kid to be named after him. So he decided to call the first kid born to any of his offspring Muhammed. And because it was the Prophet Muhammad SAWW, he called him Muhammed.

The Divine Names Of Prophet Muhammad-May God Bless Him And Grant Him Peace

The multitude of his names, which signify the profusion of his kindness, the high status of his position, and the multiplicity of his good actions, is one of the signs of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW’s high status. Despite the goodness OF THE NAMES OF Prophet Muhammad SAWW, the plethora of names reflects the variety of attributes and praises that the one named by those names possesses, and since the Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

 He SAWW has attained the highest objective of human perfection. God, praise be to Him, has marked him out with a plethora of titles and traits that clearly indicate the virtues and characteristics that God has bestowed upon him in this world and the next.

1. Muhammad

In the Holy Qur’an, God Almighty named the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, “Muhammad” and “Ahmed,” and the name Muhammad was used multiple times, including the Almighty’s saying: “And Muhammad is nothing more than a messenger.” Messengers have died before him. What if he dies or is murdered?” “You have turned back on your heels, and whoever turns back on his heels will not damage God in the least, and God will reward those who are thankful” (Al Imran: 144).

Among all the names of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, Muhammad is commended for a variety of traits. Hassan bin Thabit, may God bless him, stated: ‘He has a part of his name to honor him, so the One who possesses the throne is Mahmoud, and this is Muhammad’.

2. Ahmed

As for the name “Ahmed,” it was referenced in the Holy Qur’an once in the words of God Almighty: “And when Jesus, son of Mary, said, O Children of Israel, indeed I am the Messenger of God to you, confirming what was before me of the Torah and bringing good news.” Ahmad will be the name of the messenger who will come after me. When he presented them with convincing proof, they said, “This is clear magic.” 6 (Al-Saff).

3. Al-Mutawakkil

On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr – may God be pleased with them both – he said: “I read in the Torah the description of the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace -: Muhammad is the Messenger of God, My servant, and My Messenger. I called him Al-Mutawakkil. He is neither rude nor harsh.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.

4. Al-Muqaffi

Al-Muqaffi, the Prophet of Repentance, the Prophet of Mercy, the Prophet of Epic

On the authority of Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari – may God be pleased with him – he said: The Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – used to give himself names for us, saying: “I am Muhammad, Ahmad, Al-Muqaffi, the Prophet of Repentance, and the Prophet of Mercy.” Narrated by a Muslim, and in another narration: “And the Prophet of epicness”.

Titles Of Prophet Muhammad SAWW

From his childhood, Muhammad (SAWW) was recognized for his integrity and noble behavior, and he was far distant from the widespread vices of the day, such as idolatry, dishonesty, drunkenness, gambling, cowardice, and so on, which were characteristics of Makkan society. His noble nature distinguished him as the most immaculate ever, earning him the titles ‘as-Sadiq’ (the Truthful) and ‘al-Amin’ (the Honest).

They had great faith in him and relied on him as an unbiased arbiter in their regular disagreements. Can someone imagine that the enemies even called him (SAWW) as Sadiq and Amin?


The best human being ever on earth has been known to be the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. The names of Prophet Muhammad SAWW are as holy and prestigious as he himself was. There is barkat of his names if someone uses them with pure intention. The name is thought to be really a good name which has a combination of Muhammad. Because Muhammad is the name of our Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Allah Almighty has chosen the name himself for his beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW. It is a moment of honour to explore different names of Prophet Muhammad SAWW.