The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Shears for Hair Cutting

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Best Shears for Hair Cutting

There is no one in this world who wants their hair to get damaged after having their hair cut with the wrong shears. Everybody wishes to have a precise and minimally invasive haircut with improved hair health. As it is said, quality matters the most so it is equally important in the case of hair health when you are about to choose the best shears for hair cutting. If you choose the best shears for hair cutting then the result will be a clean and precise haircut, so you will be free from the worry of split ends and hair damage. Do you know that low quality shears give you a rough hair cut and damage the health of your hair leading to frizzy hair and dull appearance. Moreover, the best shear used for a haircut will help the hair artist to give their best and reduce the strain on their hands and wrists, ensuring consistent and excellent results for both professional stylists and individuals who cut their hair at home.

Tips for Choosing Best Shears for Hair Cutting

1. Consider Your Cutting Style and Your Needs

When you are going to buy shears for a cut, first take a minute and make sure what kind of haircut you want to have and what style you are going to consider for yourself. Secondly, choosing the best shears for hair cutting also depends on who is buying them, an expert for their professional work or someone who just wants to trim and maintain their hair. In today’s world, there is variety in all the things you talk about. There is nothing if you take the name of it and you find no variety of it. So in case of shears there is a large variety of different types, as per the requirement. For example, if you are a hairdresser who often texturized hair, you will want a pair of thin scissors in your tool kit. So make it easy for you to choose the appropriate shear by knowing your specific needs.

2. Choose the Right Blade Material

Best performance is always dependent on the quality so don’t compromise on the quality. And quality depends on the material, so if the functional part of any shear is the blade then blade quality should not be overlooked. In the best shears for hair cutting, the blade material plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of your scissors. It is important to choose a material that fits your priorities and budget:

a. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shears are considered the best shears for cutting hair. These shears made up of stainless steel are chosen more due to their easy usage and minimal chances of corrosion

b. High Carbon Stainless Steel

Regular stainless steel provides less sharpness and durability in comparison to these high carbon stainless steel. Long lasting performance and precise haircut are the confirmed results of these shears.

c. Cobalt Alloy Steel

Cobalt alloy steel shears are known for their exceptional sharpness and extended lifespan. If you have the expertise in the hair cutting field then consider these premium cobalt alloy steel shears for perfect hair cutting experience.

d. Japanese Steel

Japanese steel shears are highly regarded in the industry for their precise results. Those who prefer their profession and want a perfect hair cut for their clients, they spend on these expensive shears.

3.  Choose the Appropriate Blade Length

If you are going to buy the best shears for hair cutting then the length of the blade of a shear is another important factor to consider. Your choice of blade length should match your comfort level and the type of cutting you plan to do:

a. Short Blades (5.5 inches or less)

Precise and detailed haircuts need shorter blades. Shorter blades are complimentary for difficult hairstyles and are suitable for the hair artists who need complete grip on the shears during hair cutting session.

b. Medium Blades (5.5 to 6.5 inches)

If you are looking for the best shears for hair cutting, which gives you a variety of features then choose the one with medium blades. These medium blade shears will give you balance between precision and the ability to handle larger sections of hair.

c. Long Blades (6.5 inches or more)

If your client wants to have a bold haircut and you need to cut large sections of hair then long blades should be chosen. They will help you to complete the haircut in less time.

If you desire for perfect results with ease and comfort then choose appropriate blade length.

4. Prioritize Comfort with Handle Type

Grip matters the most for perfect hair style cutting. So always choose the handle with the best grip. The handle type of your scissors significantly affects your comfort and control while cutting. There are three common handle types to consider:

a. Opposed Handles

These are the conventional style with symmetrical finger holes. These are most preferred by the experts.

b. Offset Handles

The most common issue faced by hair artists is wrist and thumb strain or de quervain tenosynovitis. So to continue your profession you need to keep your hands safe from these strains and offset handles will help you out for this reason.

c. Swivel Handles

Swivel handle has a circular part known as the thumb ring that moves accordingly for enhanced flexibility and ease while cutting. These handles also keep you safe from wrist and thumb painful problems like de quervain tenosynovitis. Experts who do difficult haircuts should opt for these swivel handle shears.

Choosing a handle type that fits your hand anatomy and ease is important  to ensuring a comfortable and fatigue-free cutting experience.

5. Make Your Budget Sensibly

Going beyond your budget is never a wise decision. Invest in best quality shears but don’t cross the limits of your budget. However cheap shears should also be avoided to avoid the bad effects on your hair or on your clients hair, which will negatively impact your career. If you will buy a cheap product for once then you will have to buy it again and again so it’s lame excuse that it will save your money, however it will waste your money. So make your budget sensibly when you are thinking of buying the best shears for hair cutting.


So coming to the end note, in this blog you would have come to know how to choose the best shears for hair cutting. If you want to cut your own hair or you are a hair artist, choose wisely. Because it will impact hair health and growth. Moreover it will impact someone’s personality as well as your professional career if you are an artist. So choose wisely!