Top 4 Luxury Watches You Must Have In Your Collection

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Everybody can own a watch, and all people know that. But only a few people can be bestowed with being called a timepiece connoisseur. With timepiece brands left and right, most people understand how complicated it is to get started on a collection. These brands have their styles, heritage, and class.

Top 4 Luxury Watches You Must Have In Your Collection

What separates a connoisseur and an amateur is the watches included in their collection—the appreciation of these timepieces’ marvels, the engineering, and architecture of each piece. You can either look at watches as simple timekeepers or works of science and art all in one package. Here are the top 4 Luxury watches you must have.

Franck Muller Vanguard

The Franck Muller Vanguard is a must-have in anyone’s luxury watch collection. It is a watch that comes with a hefty price tag and is definitely a timepiece that means luxury. With its Art Deco design, this watch was made for the elite watch collectors. People have to be profound in owning these watches.

The Vanguard in the Franck Muller collection is towards the sportier side of things. Though the unique shape and design are as classy as you can get, you can choose from many of the Vanguard variations. The series has mixed and matched elements, so you will be able to find a Franck Muller Vanguard watch that suits your lifestyle and taste.


If you haven’t heard of Rolex, you must be living under a rock. Rolex, if not the most well-known luxury watch, is the most popular brand out there. With the help of the famous movie character James Bond, most gentlemen would eye out to have a watch from the Rolex family.

With the Rolex design and functionality, you can show class and durability wherever you go. You can go diving because Rolex was the first company to patent the waterproof abilities, thus, giving birth to the Oyster series. As their most famous line, the Submariner, it is showcasing its prowess to underwater adventures.

Patek Philippe

The country Switzerland has been known as the timepiece heaven as Swiss companies have dished out most of the world’s coveted timepieces. Patek Philippe, being the last Swiss company headquartered in Geneva, is a massive Luxury watches company. Patek Philippe is synonymous with uniqueness, class, and style.

Since the company was founded in 1839, less than a million Patek Philippes have been made. This exclusivity and elusiveness make the watches the most coveted in the Luxury watch scene. Owning a Patek is not just for bragging rights; it is known that these watches increase in value in time and are always a good investment if you can get your hands on one.


Yet another Swiss company, but Omega has been producing timeless pieces for 170 years. Horophiles adore Omega for its performance and precision. This watch has been everywhere, in the north pole, underwater, and even on the moon. Yes, the Omega Speedmaster is the first watch on the moon.

With its history of precision, performance, and durability, Omega is a class on its own. Spacemen or Astronauts only wear Omega Speedmaster. If you want to be one too, or be in the same category as them, get an Omega Speedmaster. If you need more convincing after all that history, hold one, and for sure, you will walk out the store with an Omega.


Luxury watches will always be a good buy. These watches don’t depreciate; in fact, they only appreciate in time. It’s not just the value that goes up; these pieces have stood the test of time and will always be in exemplary fashion. You can never go wrong in collecting these four timepieces, get all four and be part of an elite company of horophiles.