Top 5 Best Shotgun Microphone in 2020

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Gaming streamers, YouTube vloggers, and video content makers are fond of making video content. Thus, to have good quality audio for their viewers, they need to have a sturdy and reliable microphone that they can use for their content.

Best Shotgun Microphone in 2020

Microphones are one of the most essentials tools to have and use when you are streaming or broadcasting. In this generation today, video vlogging, which is also coined as “vlogging,” is one of the best entertainment content to watch online.

If you are a video content creator who does vlogs, podcasts, streams, and more, you will need to find the best shotgun microphone for your mini studio. The best way to deliver successful and high-quality content is to make video content with the best audio quality. Improve your video content with these five best-selling shotgun microphone.

Shotgun Microphone with Condenser from Audio-Technica (ATR-6550)

This shotgun microphone comes first on the list because many people have reviewed and rated this microphone with a five-star rating. This microphone is perfect to use for broadcasting, podcasting, and formal interviews.

ATR-6550 is considered one of the best-rated shotgun microphones because you can connect it to any video device and gadget with a 3.5mm TRS port. It is also a best-seller in the market, so you don’t have to worry about the quality because it is truly guaranteed.

Shotgun Microphone with Condenser from Rode (NTG2)

This shotgun microphone with condenser from Rode comes second on the list because of its lightweight feature. This is the best microphone to use when you do outdoor interviews for news, or even when you want to produce or shoot a film.

Rode has the best frequency response, which makes the audio transparency excellent. It also produces low noise, which makes it ideal for filming. It can also be used in voice-overs, videos, and more. However, this shotgun microphone is battery-powered.

Shotgun Video Microphone from Comica (CVM-VM10)

Comica CVM-VM10 II is an excellent shotgun microphone not only for structured recordings but also for video blogging. It has a skilled mic configuration that can receive the correct sound that suits your output. It often absorbs shocks. The absorber frame is made of silicone gel that prevents clenching of the surgery.

This microphone is also beneficial because it is compact and portable. The steel microphone is also an outstanding disturbance rejection feature.  The structure is made from total metal, which improves the anti-noise feature and allows it to fit your display system.

Shotgun Microphone from Rode Pro Rycote VideoMic

VMPR Lyre Shockmount is one of the better shotgun microphones for your designs. It is provided by video recorders, DSLR, and sound logger. It gives videographers a high-quality sound and is suitable for filming.

Another bonus of this shotgun microphone is that it has a Rycote Lyre-based vibration installation device. The pod and components are removed from its brace. This device isolates you from the outside external forces that might trigger the microphone to rattle and vibrate.

Shotgun Microphone from Sennheiser (MK-600)

This microphone is perfect for interviewing film programs. The DSLR cameras and video recorders of the Sennheiser MK 600 are reliable. However, this microphone fits with any camera because of its lightweight size. AA battery or fantasy is required for electricity.

It offers an excellent path that eliminates the distortion from the microphone’s edge. The system can also be turned on to the low-cut screen. The MK 600 from Sennheiser is designed to reduce wind and managing sound to an amazing deletion.


You can install a ton of applications to expand your content. However, it does make a large variance to invest in high-quality microphones. You can capture the consistent sound that fits your videos beautifully.

Just ten of the best shotgun mics on the market currently are included on our list. Some high-performance microphones are not included in our catalog. To help you choose the correct microphone depending on the materials you make, you need to weigh many aspects.