Why are Wired Cameras Better?

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If you are thinking of installing wired cameras in your home, you are in for a treat. Listed below are the reasons why you should get wired cameras as opposed to wireless ones. Wired cameras have been around for a long time. The reason behind this is because of reliability. You cannot replace the level of quality that you will get from wired cameras. Read more to know about the real reasons to get wired cameras to add safety and protection to your living space.


Reasons to Get Wired Cameras

No signal degradation

For people who do not want any decrease in the signal received and delivered through the system, you should definitely choose wired cameras. You do not have to worry about any interference because your cameras are directly hooked to your home Wi-Fi. You will not have problems with the network because the wires will sustain the signal that it gets from your internet provider.

Battery backup

Another reason to get wired cameras is battery backup. You can set up your wired cameras in a way that they will receive electrical supply from a battery backup that you installed with the security system. You cannot do it with wireless cameras because of the limitation of space and installation capabilities. With wired cameras, you have allotted space for battery charging and supply.

Even if the lights go out, you will still have enough juice for your cameras to record everything that is happening in your home. You will be protected since you can keep monitoring the people around your home as well as the area both in and out of your house.

Less likely to be hacked

Wired cameras are less likely to be hacked. If you are wondering why commercial buildings and banks have wired cameras installed in their structures, this is because they also provide sufficient security to prevent hackers from getting into your system. Because of the advancement in technology, hackers can have a way to get into your camera security system and log into your camera account. This becomes more difficult to do with wired cameras because the whole system is sustainable on its own. It is not dependent on any wireless signal which may be disrupted by hackers.

Can be installed for bigger spaces

Wired cameras are more trusted when it comes to installation over large spaces. Wireless cameras become less reliable over long distances. This is because of the signal that they need to get from the main router. Wired cameras remain consistent as they still give high-quality videos to your apps. You can rely more on wired cameras to give you the best footage of the events that are happening in your area.

Help you save more

Wired cameras have their standalone system which includes a storage device integrated into it. You do not have to subscribe to monthly cloud services in order to have recordings of the videos provided by your cameras. This means less expenses in the long run. You can instead invest in more cameras to secure your home.



Both wired and wireless cameras are great devices to install in your home. When it comes to consistency and reliability, wired cameras are better. There is less loss in signal and you get the transmission of video with little or no delay at all. When your family’s safety is at stake, you would want to get wired cameras for your home. As long as wires as easier to install and an electrical supply is available, you may want to opt for wired cameras to be placed in your living area.