3 Best Online Merging Tools That You Need to Use for Your PDF Files

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Online Merging Tools For PDF

PDF mergers are essentials tools for those people who handle tons of email attachments and PDF files. There are instances that you might handle multiple PDF files with similar information; you must use the right merger and combine those files into a PDF file easily. A PDF merger should be reliable, that’s why you need to choose the best one. With that, here are some of the best online merging tools for your PDF files.

PDF Bear

First on the list is the PDF Bear. Why? Because this software is the best PDF tool that you can access on the internet. Users can merge PDF files into a PDF file in seconds without putting a lot of effort. Aside from the merger, you can also convert, split, compress, or even repair your PDF file. Your files are also safe because, after an hour, the system will erase your data immediately.

PDF Bear is also free to use. Anyone can access it on different platforms and devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, best laptops, and other devices that can be connected to the internet.


The company that produced this PDF tool claims that iLovePDF is the most straightforward merging tool that you can access online. This merger is made so that all of its users won’t experience any problem or whatsoever. Wherever they are, users can use this tool in their native language without encountering any trouble. For iLovePDF, every file is essential, and it will make sure that the result that you want is achieved with the best quality possible.

Users can also cut their working time on different PDFs in the same process, and they can easily preview their documents and the content present in every detail. Users can also control the download link of the file by modifying the setting for time availability. Choosing the data from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive is easy.


With the help of SmallPDF, you can easily merge your PDF files into a PDF. Users can also conveniently use this online PDF tool to split their PDF into different PDF files. They only need to perform the “Drag & Drop” method to place their files into the upload box to start editing the PDFs. You are allowed to choose the pages that you wish to remove or rearrange with ease. Every data uploaded on SmallPDF are removed instantly by the system after one hour.

Because SmallPDF is online-based, users can access it on every operating system available such as Linux or Windows. Notably, there will be no stress placed on your system when you split or merge PDFs. Users are only allowed to combine two PDF files at once without facing any difficulty.


Online merging tools are what people use to combine tons of PDF files into one PDF. It’s an essential process because there are times that it’s annoying to handle multiple PDFs at the same time. Choose the best tools to use in merging your PDF, and PDF Bear is the software that stands out among the tools on the list.