3 Useful Tools of GogoPDF to Help You Manage Your Electronic Files Effectively

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Many people use PDF format for their electronic files for various purposes. It’s a portable file format that’s easy to use in viewing documents, online uploads, email attachments, and even sharing with other devices. Another thing that makes many people opt for utilizing PDF is that it doesn’t use much of your device’s file storage.

3 Useful Tools of GogoPDF

That’s why it’s best for mobile uploads. Because of that, it’ll definitely give you the convenience of accessing your PDF files using your smartphone that you always use every day. However, if you deal with tons of PDF files every day as part of your job, you might be needing a system to help you manage them most effectively.

The most reliable platform you can use is GogoPDF. It’s a website that will offer you free access to its different tools online that will surely help you manage and organize all of your PDF files most efficiently. Hence, read the details below to know these various online tools of GogoPDF that you can use for your files for free.

Conversion Tools

A conversion tool is one of the most common tools many people usually use for their PDF files. It’s a tool that will let you convert your existing files to other file formats. If you have a task at work that needs a particular file that you can’t find on your computer or smartphone, this is the time that you’ll need a file conversion tool.

GogoPDF offers you free access to its file conversion tools on its official website. You can use its Excel to PDF converter online if you want to have a PDF copy of your spreadsheets. You can also convert PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to PDF. If you have files in JPG and PNG, you can also convert them to PDF. You can visit the actual website to see what other files you can convert to other formats.

Merge PDF Tool

If you deal with tons of PDF files every day as part of your job description at work, it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to organize them properly. You might have experienced having a hard time looking for a particular document in your disorderly computer folder. Good news because you can avoid this from happening in the future.

GogoPDF will allow you to use its merge PDF tool online for free. The tool will combine different documents from your file storage into a single file. It means that you can merge PDFs with similar content that serve the same purpose in your company. You can also unify files that were made in the same year.

You always have the freedom to use whatever idea of file classification that will work best for you. Don’t forget to rename the merged files for easy retrieval in the future when you need them again at work. If you save thousands of PDFs on your computer, it’ll surely become hundreds that are much easier to manage and organize.

Protect PDF Tool

The PDF files you deal with every day at work might contain valuable and confidential information about your company. That’s why you always make sure that only authorized people can access these files in the office. However, you may sometimes forget to keep track of the people accessing these files.

Until one day, you may find out that everyone in your company already has access to these files that may put the company at risk. Hence, it will be better to set up a password for these PDFs containing information with high confidentiality. You can use the protect PDF tool of GogoPDF to activate a password to your files in just a couple of minutes.

Hence, you don’t need to worry anymore that any unauthorized access to these files may happen again in the future. As long as all of the authorized people always keep the password, these PDF files are safe.


It’s not easy to deal with tons of PDF files every day. However, with the list of tools discussed above, your task will surely become free of stress. If you haven’t tried any of these online tools, you can explore them on the official website of GogoPDF and explore what else the platform can do to your PDF files.