Compressing Your Presentation’s File Size: How to Convert PPT to PDF Using GogoPDF?

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The rise of Presentation software made things in school and work a lot easier and more creative. Instead of reporting in class using the traditional blackboard, presentation software allows students to have a visually appealing presentation that will save them a lot of time. It is undeniable that Presentation software is widely used in this modern day.

How to Convert PPT to PDF Using GogoPDF

However, one of the biggest downsides of Powerpoint presentation is its file size. The more pictures, animations, and other elements you placed in your work, the bigger its file size. It makes it hard for you to transmit your presentation easily. For example, you cannot easily send it in email since most email providers have limitations in file size.

How do we compress a PPT’s file size?

 Given the limitations of having a file of bigger size, the best logical solution is to reduce it until it becomes conducive for faster transmission. But how do we do this without sacrificing the visual elements of the presentation itself? The best way to go is to convert your presentation into a PDF file. For this, use the PPT to PDF converter from GogoPDF.

Things to know in converting a PPT to PDF file.

Converting a PPT to a PDF file might be easy at first glance. However, what makes it hard is your devices’ or software’s inability to perform the conversion. While some software is installed to have built-in processing of conversion, most do not have this feature. Hence, there is a need to use an online platform. The best we could suggest is: Gogopdf

What makes Gogopdf a better converter?

Gogopdf is designed to be user friendly. You don’t need to have a good background in software to navigate around the website. In just a few clicks, you can already have a PDF version of your PPT, available for download and distribution. The processing is also very quick, while the quality is assured to be outstanding.

When we talk about the quality being outstanding, this is because the website uses the most reliable format preservation technique in the market. This allows for the preservation and retainment of the formatting and layout to be accurate even when the PowerPoint slides are converted to PDF.

If you are worried about your file being copied and used by the site without your authorization, the website ensures that whatever you upload on the server will be deleted an hour later. The makers of the website believe that trust is the greatest link between them and their users. That is why it tries to protect the privacy rights of its users.

It does not require its users to download software. All the work is done online, so there is no need to consume your devices’ space or memory. All you need is an internet connection. Registration is not necessary either, so you don’t have to undergo a tedious process to use the service. After the process is complete, the file will be saved in a cloud.

The PPT to PDF converter also prides itself on its compatibility with different operating systems and browsers. It works on all major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix. It also supports commonly used browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. We can conclude that it is a platform that everyone can have access to.

How to convert PPT to PDF file?

As the website boasts of giving its users a convenient and hassle-free experience, there are only little efforts required from you, and the platform will do the rest. For the first step, after entering the Gogopdf website, select the PPT in your device, or you can simply drag it to the conversation area.

The second step is where the magic happens. Here, the website will convert your PPT into a PDF file. What is left for you to do is to wait, which is the third step in the process. Please take note that while it is relatively faster in its conversion, the scanning might take a little while, so make sure to be patient while you wait for the finished product.

Lastly, your PDF file is ready! The platform provides you different options after the conversion process. You can download it for your personal copy, you may also send it to your professors or anyone who needs it, and you can even share it with your friends through social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


We use presentation software because it allows us to explore our creativity. The visual appearance of our presentation helps a lot in engaging our audiences’ attention and conveying our message. Hence, there is a need to give solutions to fundamental problems like having huge file size: Learn to convert it to pdf while using the best platform.