Best Cloud Storage Services

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For so long it had been the norm for people to store data on hardware as many believed that the hardware being present physically was evidence enough that their data is well stored and secured. To date people still save files on tangible storage devices. Nevertheless, with the increased evolution of the internet and other innovative solutions, cloud computing has gotten to the point where data can be used, shared, stored in the cloud, and accessed remotely by users.

Best Cloud Storage Services

A Cloud Storage Service – Definition:

This is a third-party service that helps clients save data in the cloud, otherwise known as online storage or hosted storage. This type of storage involves the service provider handling the servers, hard drives, and data centers that are connected via the internet. This means that your data is stored off-site and accessed remotely, rather than the conventional hard disks, flash drives, memory cards, tape drives, and CDs/DVDs. The benefits are:

  • Reduced costs on hardware
  • Safe record of data
  • Reduced threat that includes natural disasters, theft and loss
  • Easy data recovery
  • Global accessibility

Having discussed these aspects, what are the cloud storage services you can get? We will identify them according to the following categories: storage space, security, real-time syncing, access by multiple devices, recovery or rollback options, file sharing, reliability, and bandwidth.

  1. Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the outstanding cloud storage providers. It offers users 15GB storage size on their free plan. To upgrade storage space to 100GB, you will be notified to pay $1.99 per month. Other amazing Google services include Gmail and Google Photos. With the latter, you can upload unlimited photos and share them online. It features a backup and sync option that lets you backup your folders to Google Drive. The AES 128-bit encryption helps secure your data, while the TLS protocol transit data. Your data is protected at all times, thanks to the HTTPS protocol. Interestingly, Google Drive has almost one billion users worldwide.

  1. Dropbox:

This is another cloud storage service provider that has been around for a while. With Dropbox, you can control who can access your files; and should your data get into the wrong hands, you can wipe it out remotely. In cases where one’s device gets missing or stolen, you can recover your data. What makes this provider amazing is that you can share data with non-Dropbox users. However, for the free plan, you only get 2GB. Nevertheless, referrals would earn you 500MB per referral – maximum space being 16GB. Additionally, when you contribute to the Dropbox Community Forum, you get 1GB of extra storage. For more upgrade, there is a price plan at $8.25 per month for 1TB, while unlimited storage costs $20 per month.

  1. OneDrive:

OneDrive is a storage service from Microsoft and it is designed to secure your data and increase productivity. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office and Office 365 suite. For users with the latest Windows 10, OneDrive’s integration into the file explorer backs up your files with ease. It is also compatible with other Microsoft products such as Outlook and Skype, and non-Microsoft products like AutoCAD. With the Microsoft Photos app, you can sync your pictures on all devices. Your files are secured by 256-bit AES encryption key and TLS protocol which ensures that your files are protected while in transit. For its free plan, you get 5GB of storage, while 50GB of storage will cost you $1.99 per month.

We have been able to discuss in detail the best cloud storage services that are available for use. To find out more about these providers and how to get them, kindly check out this link: privacy spark – best cloud storage services