Online Vs. Real-Life Guitar Lessons: Why Traditional Music Lessons Will Never Become Obsolete?

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What do teens and young adults do when they want to learn anything? Do they attend classes? Do they pull down the dusty encyclopedia? Absolutely not!

Online Vs. Real-Life Guitar Lessons

Millennials rely on Google for all sorts of information. As a novice on any subject, it is difficult to ascertain if you have the correct info, which is why people resort to videos and podcasts by the so-called “experts” in the respective fields.

Today, hundreds of people from Huntington search for “guitar lessons online.” They find numerous videos for beginners filled with useful instructions, tips, and tricks. That makes us wonder if traditional music lessons are becoming obsolete. If you can receive all your music lessons online, what is the need of music schools?

Contrary to what you might expect, Huntington is replete with premier music schools that offer exclusive guitar, violin, flute, drums, and cello lessons. Check out for yourself by using the search term “search Huntington guitar lesson near me” on Google. Now the existence of these schools and their almost full classes is proof that traditional music lessons are far from archaic.

Why do we need traditional guitar lessons?

Here are five reasons why traditional guitar lessons are much more useful for beginners as compared to video lessons –

1. They offer one experience for hundreds of learners

Video lessons are cheap and, sometimes, even free. However, none of the videos have any touch of personalization for the individual user. These follow a one-size-fits-all approach, and beginners often face trouble moving from one level to another.

Each student has definite plans for the future. Each one requires specific guidance. It is impossible to achieve a variety of dreams by following a cookie-cutter lesson plan. While your friend might breeze through one lesson, you might find it difficult to level up after weeks of practicing.

2. Picking up “bad habits” is not uncommon

You may or may not learn new tricks that add to your guitar playing skills, but you will definitely pick up a few bad habits from online music lessons.

Beginners don’t always have the correct style of playing an instrument. You may end up playing an instrument in a manner that “feels right.” It can be anything from incorrectly positioning the guitar to wrong strumming techniques to sitting incorrectly while playing.

These habits are difficult to budge. Taking lessons from a real-life teacher in a classroom or private setup can prevent these harmful habits from forming.

3. You might miss music theory lessons

When we are beginners, we often pick courses and lesson plans we like. And no one likes music theory. Therefore, we tend to skip theory lessons on video learning.

In a traditional classroom setup in Huntington, you will have to learn music theory. Reading and writing music is critical for a musician irrespective of their instrument of choice.

Online video lessons cannot force you to learn challenging pieces or music reading unless you are serious about mastering the guitar. While most online tutorial videos have high ratings and reviews, no one can say that the proprietor of the lessons forced them to learn the “boring bits” about music.

4. You might lose direction and enthusiasm

As we have mentioned in the first point, you might face particular challenges in places where others breeze through. Sadly, most online tutorials are unidirectional – you can view the videos, but the instructor cannot reach out to you. Leaving comments does work in some cases, but you should prepare for a long wait.

These are enough to discourage a newbie guitar player. In the guitar schools of Huntington, you can approach the teacher after classes or during the middle of the week with doubts. You can arrange for private lessons if you deem that necessary.

In short, you will have help and guidance in real-time instead of a cookie-cutter approach. It should help you figure out why you were initially facing trouble and how you can overcome the same.

5. Online lessons fail to take the learner all the way

Since the instructor in the tutorial video cannot see how you are performing, it is impractical to hope that you can reach your maximum potential by just following online video plans.

You need a traditional guitar lesson set up for learning about your full potential and talent. Two-way communication with your instructor should give you an insight into your guitar skills, learning curve, and improvement.

If you want to make the most of your time, you need to consider guitar lessons available near you in Huntington.

Huntington music schools offer guitar lessons for all ages and at flexible times. Many of them also provide private at-home lessons for beginners so that they can catch up with an ongoing class. Until online guitar lessons manage to improvise more and offer instructions in real-time, traditional music schools and guitar lessons will always remain relevant.a