To Cover Or Not To Cover A Portable Generator Is The Question

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If you have a portable generator, you may sometime wonder whether or not you should invest on a generator cover. Well, it goes without saying that you will need to cover it when it is not in use. This will increase the life of your brand-new portable generator and at the same time will keep it protected from any unwanted elements entering in it.

To Cover Or Not To Cover A Portable Generator Is The Question

Remember, dust and dirt are not the only one that you should keep away. There are insects, pests, rats and mice that will make their home in it and even chew up the wires and other components making it

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Apart from keeping it looking good, it will protect your investment. Therefore, you should look for the best way to cover and protect your portable generator.

Getting started

Right at the outset you must know that there are many different brands that manufacture portable generator covers. All you have to do is:

  • Find a generator cover that is specific to your model number
  • Not use it when the generator is in use or is still hot after use and
  • Cover the unit always to protect it during storage from the natural elements of the environment.

A generator cover will keep all the elements from touching the oil, residues and other components in your unit as well as keep it from building up on your generator invariably.

Size of your unit

Choosing the right generator cover is one significant issue faced by most of the people simply due to the fact that there are so many brands that manufacture so many different options that come in different size, color, price and material.

Though color, material and price will play a significant role in your choice, much will depend on the size of your generator unit. If you buy a generator cover of improper size and think that it will keep your generator clean, you are highly mistaken. A cover of improper size will:

  • Make it cumbersome when you need to cart it to a place where you need it and
  • Not protect the unit from the elements just as the way you desire.

On the other hand, a generator cover of proper size will protect it from the emergencies such as rain and also keep the generator from exposure to moisture. This will protect the electrical outlets especially. Just make sure that you do not cover the unite when it is operating.

Canopy and tent cover

When you choose a generator cover, you have two specific options to choose from, though there may be a few others that may allure you.

First, you can choose the canopy cover. This is the easiest and temporaryto protect your generator while it is running! It is actually a simple tarp over the unit elevated with poles to make sure that it does not touch the generator.

You may also use the tent covers that will allow portability to your unit. However, in case of high wind protection, you must use a permanent or semi-permanent structure.