Best Lohri Images for Whatsapp DP/Profile Wallpaper – Free Download

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Lohri is a very popular festival of Punjab, celebrated by the people from the Punjab region everywhere. It is celebrated on the evening of the 13th January every year. This festival is all about spreading the love, joy, peace and warmth to everyone. It’s believed that this festival commemorates the passing of the longest night. This festival basically brings back the long-lasting days. In this Article, we will show you some of the Best Lohri images for Whatsapp DP/Profile Wallpaper. The motive of this Article is not only to show you the best images for the Whatsapp but also to motivate you to celebrate the Lohri festival with love and peace.

It is one of the most popular festivals in India mostly celebrated in Punjab. This festival is not only celebrated in Punjab, but also in the states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and much more. In this Festival, flying kites are also one of the most important activities of it that we all just love it. This festival is all about spreading love, peace, and happiness to everyone. The best part of this Festival is sharing sweets and gifts to family and friends. People eat peanuts, popcorns, and jaggery on the eve of Lohri.

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Here are some of the Lohri Images for Whatsapp DP/Profile Wallpaper:-

Lohri is all about spending time with the family and friends. In this Festival, all the family members light a fire and sit around it and celebrate the festival. The Agni he There is also done with some specific Mantra. And later one, they sacrifice the combination of five edible elements like popcorn, peanuts, jaggery and much more in the fire. This process is done for seven times and after its completion, kids dance, play, sings around the ritual. All the Family members sit together, talk to each other, and share their moments and much more. That’s why it’s the festival of Love and Peace. Flying Kites is the most favorite activity for the kids in this Festival. Actually, we all love to fly kites with friends and family. There’s no better feeling than flying kites of various colors and sizes. It just makes our day.

In this Modern World, we all have Smartphone and the internet connection, so having a Good Whatsapp DP/Profile Picture for the Festival is also very important. We will provide you some of the Best Lohri Images for the Whatsapp DP/Profile wallpaper. The best of sharing wishes on the Lohri is by sending pictures through Whatsapp and wishing them on this festival. If you want to use the Best Lohri images for your Whatsapp DP/Profile Wallpaper, then you are at the right place. In the world of Technology, it is very important to be connected with it, and it can be done when you will change your Whatsapp DP as Lohri special picture and wish everyone with great images. It’s a unique and interesting way to wish everyone on this festival. We will show you the latest and the beautiful Lohri Images for Whatsapp DP/Profile Image.