Best Video Player for Windows 10

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Are you having trouble finding the right media player for your Windows 10 machine? If yes, then continue reading.

Best Video Player for Windows 10

  1. VLC Player

If you ask anyone about the best video players available today, their answer is most likely going to be VLC Media Player. But why is this media player so popular? The truth is that VLC is a non-profit media player created by VideoLAN. Therefore, it’s an open source app that can be used on virtually every platform. Furthermore, it supports a large number of video and audio formats. That’s why it is referred to as the “play everything” media player.

2)  PotPlayer

Created by Kakao – a popular South Korean company, PotPlayer comes with numerous great features and functionalities that give VLC serious competition. It allows you to customize its usage using its various customization options. For instance, you can use CUDA, DXVA, or QucikSync techniques to improve the app’s performance. It is a great media player for your Windows 10 device.

3) KM Player

With the capacity to play virtually all conventional videos and audios, KM Player has proved to be a great choice for people using Windows 10 PCs. Furthermore, it has its own built-in codecs for Windows 10. So, you only need extra codecs to improve compatibility. Its support for UHD, 3D and 4K formats allows you to enjoy all your favorite HD videos on your Windows device.

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