Netflix vs. Disney Plus; Deciding Which Streaming Hub To Subscribe To

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Netflix vs. Disney Plus

Now that a lot of us have a lot of time in our hands. Don’t you think that everyone has just been using streaming hubs as much as they can now? Binge-watching all of the series and movies we’ve piled up in our lists, watch some true-crime stuff to get ourselves thinking or maybe even food documentaries, to watch along as we eat our less appetizing food.

 So that begs to ask the question, which streaming hub should I subscribe to? If you’re a big movie and tv series buff, then our comparison of the two top-tier streaming hubs will help you decide. Do you want to focus on the variety of shows and documentaries that Netflix has to offer? Or maybe focus on the childhood dreams and nostalgia that Disney Plus offers?

 We’re going to pit these two streaming hub superpowers against each other when it comes to certain aspects to definitely broaden your decision making. Will the popularity of the streaming hubs be your deciding factor? Will it be the content that each hub has to offer? Or maybe it’s going to be the subscription fees? Let’s get down to comparing them!

The Popularity and Fame of The Streaming Hubs

Putting Netflix against Disney Plus is definitely going to be hard since Disney Plus really hasn’t been out for quite that long. Still, it already has a strong standing from all of the Disney lovers around the world. However, when it comes to the statistics, the number of subscribers to Netflix far outweighs that of Disney Plus; Netflix vs disney plus, Netflix wins popularity.

 Getting into the proper numbers, Netflix already had a great reputation. With all of the buzz of their Netflix Originals, it’s sure to boost up their stats. Netflix has over 150 million subscribers because of their global accessibility. Disney Plus is still getting its global status. Still, they already managed to have just under 30 million subscribers, which will grow for sure.

The Different Types Of Media Offered

When it comes to the original content and the different types of content that the two streaming hubs have to offer, Disney Plus definitely comes out on top. With all of the animation superpowers under Disney’s belt – Pixar, Dreamworks, Marvel, and Lucasfilms, it goes without saying that Disney Plus has the best original content of the two.

 Though Disney Plus does come out on top, Netflix isn’t really lagging that far behind. The variety of media Netflix has to offer is very respectable – with all of the different documentaries and international/multi-cultural content they upload. Not to mention how they have their own extensive list of Netflix Originals, Netflix is truly respected by many.

The Cost Of Subscriptions

Netflix is the one that lets you have the freedom of choice of your subscription – a budget-friendly one or one that lets you go full out. You can pay a $9 subscription fee for one screen streaming of 420p or pay up to $16 for multiple screen streaming of Ultra HD quality. Disney Plus has a $7 fee will let you watch any title, ad-free with Ultra HD quality as well.


Hopefully, we have cleared up the air for you a little. This time you can decide a little more easily on which streaming hub you want to subscribe to. Is it the globally accessible Netflix with a good variety, or the globally loved Disney Plus that has content enjoyable by you and the whole family!