Create A Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe

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Everyone knows that the fashion industry takes a toll on the planet, and all consumers must change their buying habits to limit their impact. Switching to a sustainable wardrobe is practical if you want to cut down the damage you do to the planet. This article provides a couple of suggestions on creating a capsule wardrobe that is practical, stylish, and catches the public’s eye.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of items you can easily mix and match with one another to create as many outfits as possible. The purpose of the capsule collection is to match and pair the elements in different ways to obtain a variety of outfits. This way, you have a small number of items in your wardrobe, but you can make countless combinations and look fashionable. While the number of clothing elements can vary according to where you live, it’s recommended to have from 25 to 50 pieces. The secret is to have some staple and timeless pieces that look good no matter the current fashion trends.

Why is a capsule collection sustainable?

The goal of the capsule wardrobe is to minimize the number of items you own and slow down shopping. If more people would switch to capsule wardrobes, the industry would experience reduced consumer demand and decreased production from fast fashion manufacturers. If you have a capsule wardrobe, you don’t feel the constant need to keep up with the latest fashion trends because you own numerous versatile pieces to style various outfits and wear them year-round.

When you switch to a capsule collection, it’s essential to pick high-quality pieces. You’ll have to purchase only a couple of items, so pick sustainable and ethical brands that make clothes that last instead of items designed to last only a season. If you have a year-round wardrobe, you are no longer tempted to make impulse purchases and therefore save plenty of money. And where do you count that you also have a neat closet?

Why is a capsule collection sustainable

How to create a sustainable capsule collection?

It may seem challenging to put together items to create a capsule wardrobe, but you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed if you check the following recommendations.

Pick the colour base for your wardrobe

The base colour is of paramount importance because it sets the tone and forms the wardrobe’s foundation. The base colour should be easy to match with all other hues from navy to brown and black. When you pick it, consider the colours you prefer and match your skin tone. Select a colour you love wearing, and that complements and highlights your features.

Purchase essentials in a timeless style and neutral shades

Pick essential bottom and top designs that never go out of style. Everything from a little black dress to a white button-down shirt, nude comfortable loungewear or a well-fitted pair of trousers are essential in a capsule wardrobe. Pick the essential clothing pieces in neutral colours that work with your base colour. Beiges, blacks, and whites are the most popular options. Pajamas are among the essential clothing items you need in your capsule wardrobe. When it comes to your sleeping attire you don’t have to stick with neutral shades. Play a little with the textures and colours and pick some comfy mens pajamas for holidays in festive models and patterns.

Choose a couple of items in accent colours

Accent colours are a great way to make your outfits stand out and show your personal style. Pick your favourite colours like pink, rose, plum, teal or magenta, and match them with the rest of the wardrobe. Remember that everything you buy should match the other pieces in your wardrobe. If an item doesn’t work with at least half of the items you own, don’t purchase it because it’ll be stored in your wardrobe and trigger unnecessary shopping.

Add some layers and patterned items for diversity

Besides the basic and essential items, you also need a couple of statement pieces to make your wardrobe fun and easy to work with. Pattern elements can include dots, checks, stripes, and florals. Pick the ones that better suit your style, and don’t purchase something only because it’s in trend. Patterned items can be dresses, tops or bottoms; you decide which ones work best for you. You can even add patterned jackets, blazers, or coats, as long as you respect the rule of everything matching with everything. Coordination is essential when you create a capsule collection.

Buy high-quality shoes that match your capsule clothing collection

Make sure that you have a couple of shoes in the base colour of the collection, some casual shoes like sneakers, and a couple of nude pairs. If the winter is cold in your region, invest in a pair of high-quality boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable when the temperatures drop. Consider where you wear your outfits and if the shoes you pick are acceptable for those purposes. Also, remember that you need some practical shoes for daily activities.

Don’t forget to purchase accessories

Accessories are essential for any kind of wardrobe because they keep the outfits fresh and give them a stylish look. Get a couple of statement necklaces if you want to dress up your casual outfits. Don’t forget to get two or three handbags that match most of your outfits. Black and nude bags work with everything.

Consider your body

Before going on a shopping spring, determine what body type you have and what elements would compliment it better. Fashion experts state that you should wear the items that fit your body better. Make sure that each clothing item and accessory you purchase is flattering.

Since you’ll be wearing the same items more than once, purchase only high-quality fabrics to last wear and tear. Buying good quality items that don’t wear easily limits your fashion store visits and ensures that your wardrobe lasts for years.

Before you purchase an item, ask yourself if it works with at least half of your wardrobe. Try to picture the outfits you would be able to put together with the item you want to purchase. And last but not least, keep in mind your lifestyle and daily activities when you stock your new wardrobe because they determine the kind of clothing items you must purchase.