Decoding Information Security as a Career

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Have you thought about pursuing a career in cyber security? Have you thought about hacking people and getting paid for it? Have you thought about investigating cyber crimes for a living? If you have, then you probably know why information security is a promising career path. If you haven’t, read this piece to know what is it that makes ethical hacking a career worth chasing?

Decoding Information Security as a Career

1. It sells at a good price because it is high in demand.

There is a global dearth for cybersecurity professionals all over the world. As cyber crime continues to rise every single day, the need for cyber security professionals rises simultaneously. But the problem is that the actual supply of InfoSec talent is nowhere near the demand. As a result, we have witnessed a major skill divide in this sector leading to millions of jobs remaining unfilled every year. However, this poses an opportunity for students and professionals who are interested in cyber security. Employers are ready to pay handsomely to professionals trained in securing digital systems, networks and data.

2. The future of cyber security is 100% secure.

It goes without saying that hackers are never going to stop existing as long as there is something for them to gain on the Internet. What this means for professionals is that they will never run out of a job and can invest in this career with the full faith of having job security even in times of economic distress or pandemic like situations as seen in 2020. Even as apprehensions grow with regards to technology overtaking manual work and machines snatching people’s jobs, cyber security is one field that will always require humans to defend against cyber crimes. Whether it is investigating a crime or performing an authorized attack to identify vulnerabilities, our digital world cannot rely completely on machines for this kind of work.

3. Highly interesting work makes it an attractive choice.

Rest assured, people in this career are never bored with their jobs. Information security is a discipline that requires individuals to constantly stay ahead of upcoming trends and innovations. Hackers are always advancing their game and using more and more sophisticated methods to attack organizations. Anyone who is involved in cyber security needs to have the desire of learning and constantly challenging themselves to keep cyber incidents at bay. Information security courses like CEH certification and its equivalent take students through rigorous training and tests to ensure that they have what it takes to work in this dynamic industry. Not to mention that the work is interesting and highly engaging. Responding to cyber incidents, hacking into secured networks, restoring lost data and chasing cyber criminals are some of the tasks professionals can expect in this domain.

4. A variety of disciplines branch from it.

Unlike a lot of career paths, cyber security allows you to choose from a variety of sub-disciplines that are entirely different from each other yet connected with the same purpose, i.e., strengthening the security of digital systems. If you want to undertake ethical hacking training, you will learn how to think like hackers and beat them at their own game by legally performing an attack on an organization in order to find the vulnerabilities before a criminal does. If you enrol for an incident handling course, you will learn how to respond after the attack has taken place and how to minimize the damage amounting from it. Other sub-disciplines offered by this field are network defense, network engineering, penetration testing, security consultancy, computer forensics and more.

Hopefully, you might have gotten some clarity about this profession after reading this that could help you make a better decision if you are seeking to pursue a career in this golden field.