What Makes Animal Crossing New Horizons So Popular?

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Many people ask that why Animal Crossing New Horizons is so popular? Players are immersed in collecting various Animal Crossing items and use them to create their own unique home or trading for ACNH bells. Then what’s the charm of the the game?

Animal Crossing New Horizons So Popular

For most ordinary people, life is heavy. If you are an ordinary person who wants to go to the market to buy vegetables, you will watch the price of the food, and some people will say that pork is too expensive to eat. If a relative of yours is going to get married, you will think about the close relationship between the relative and you, and how many red envelopes are worth paying. Now the economic situation is not good, maybe a relative who has not contacted for many years suddenly calls to borrow money. It’s part of life, too. All this will urge people to mature quickly. Although most people spend at least six to nine years to learn the theoretical knowledge in textbooks, life will spend the rest of the time to educate you. Most of the knowledge in these books is just beautiful ideals, and can not be fully realized. Driven by this trend of maturity, people will naturally have a suspicious and critical attitude towards the objects and experiences they believed in in in their childhood and school days, because the actual things they experienced did not work according to these ideal situations. Because of this difference, Nintendo’s first-party games, which are widely used in Japan’s animation industry, still follow a relatively pure theoretical and logical operation mode. The former belongs to the category of “childishness” for a long time because it is generalized and the latter belongs to the category of “all age group”. But we need to understand that most of the things these critics have experienced are not profound, especially on the Internet. They are just more secular. Criticism can not make them look more mature. The imagination of a better life is different in different people’s minds. In fact, it is a matter of degree. Some people are totally unconvinced and critical, while some people are just shy to express, but still have illusions. The Animal Crossing New Horizons gave such an expression platform, which operates the best part of life without a worldly flavor, which is consistent with many people’s fantasies in childhood. It’s not just these things that are really moving, but the sincerity I feel after entering the museum. Even if you only take this museum out, it can be called a boutique game.

The ACNH museum was set up very early. On the first day on the island, just stroll around, catch some bugs and fish and give them to Timmy and Tommy. The next day, the Blathers will come to the island and start building. ACNH items including new critters, fish and fossils found in this world can be donated to the curator. After entering the museum, it is divided into three exhibition areas: underground is the fossil exhibition area, on the left is bugs, and on the right is fish. If you think that the museum is nothing more than a guide book, let the players put the collected things in order, it’s a big mistake. Nintendo in this museum, completely reproduced the real aquarium + archaeological museum + insect museum design. Three different water tanks simulate the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the river respectively. It’s a beautiful way for the water to slide down and connect the three water tanks. You can watch all kinds of fish caught in the river when you walk up the ramp. Of course, there is also a common way of the exhibition in the aquarium, walking into the water tank. Even the glass floor is made to watch the fish swim under their feet. You can also walk into the stairway and be in the ocean. Those who have been to a large aquarium will recall the excitement of being surrounded by seawater and fish. On the other side of the insect museum, slightly different from the reality, there is a yard for keeping insects at the entrance. This is very difficult to achieve in our world, adding some ideal color. There is an ecological environment in which all kinds of insects live. The donated insects can be found on the trees and flowers. All the collected butterflies are flying in the flower house of the museum. Butterflies are dynamic, dancing in the air. The moment you enter the door, it’s really a beautiful moment.

Why are these scenes so real? Because there are so many small details. For example, fire hydrants, floor drains, and equipment boxes that we don’t pay much attention to in public buildings are all faithfully restored in the museum. If you look carefully, you will find that the photos of fish on the blurry explanation board below the exhibition window are even consistent with the fish in the box. What does that mean? For each kind of fish, the game production team not only carefully studied and selected their unique display mode, but also drew a separate interpretation board for each aquarium. If you continue to walk inside, you will see one exhibition stand after another. The things on each exhibition stand are fixed. After donating fossils, they will fill the corresponding positions. Go straight, you will see the sign of dinosaur on the guide board, enter the door and the second room is the dinosaur exhibition hall. Here are the dinosaur fossils we collected. The dinosaur exhibition hall has a large area. There will be some blue signs on the ground. When you stand on the signs, the perspective will automatically change, and you can see the whole picture of the exhibition hall. With the enigmatic color curve, continue to the innermost exhibition hall. Please pay attention to the air freshener, potted plants, the blind path at the top and bottom of the stairs with a bunch of punctate protrusions, to remind the blind to go upstairs and downstairs, and the low-key lighting on the stairs to prevent visitors from falling when they can’t see the steps clearly. These are all facilities in the museum. After going upstairs, I found that these color curves either diverged, or a road ran black, or broke in the middle. Many of them point to the small animal pattern on the wall. These small animals are the residents of animal Forest Island, our neighbors, and friends. These curves represent the evolutionary tree. Recall that from the entrance, those curves actually represent the evolutionary process of organisms from a single cell to multi-cell, from fish to ashore, from dinosaurs to extinction. The neighboring small animals on the island are basically mammals and birds, so only two curves enter the last exhibition hall. The last branch of the evolutionary tree, which is also the rightmost branch of the small animals, does not draw any images on it. But when you come here, there will be a beam of light on it, along with the sound effect. This evolutionary tree refers to you and me, that is, human beings.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, small animals have their own personalities, hobbies, and ways of speaking. Some are proud, some like to sleep in, some like to exercise. They will be happy with your new move and bring their own hand-made gifts. On the beautiful night when cherry blossoms fall, you can also sit quietly beside them and feel the quiet and romantic moments on the island together, just as we do with our true friends. This game is not only very suitable for children, but it can also give us adults a lot of valuable things.