Jade Tyler and Her Perspective of Failure

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Jade Tyler is a popular Britain actor who has carved fame in her own style with multiple talents at her disposal. She is also one of those filtered actresses who had her mind in the right profession even before she pursued becoming an actress. She spent effort on learning many talents that are in keeping with the requirements of being a good actor and has since then grown up in her stature and fame.

Jade Tyler

In addition to being an actress, she is also well-known as a personality development coach and a counselor. She mentions that she has passed through a difficult patch of childhood and her peroration on the same could actually serve people with issues like hers. She had really lent her heart to helping and aiding people who needs support as much as she was rendered through her counseling days.

Her recent interview in Thrive actually dealt with lots of issues and her share of ideologies on so many relevant topics related to her story of life and what she has gone through. Some excerpts from the interview for our knowledge would go a long way in helping us mold ourselves to the difficult phase in our respective lives.

She also shares a series of suggestions on how to reduce stress and live life by being scrupulous about your ways.

Where does she get her energy?

Knowing Tyler to be an exuberant person, it is important to know where she actually musters that kind of everlasting energy that never drains. Her answer to this question surprises us to the maximum as she mentions it is from her loved ones that she gathers energy. She also goes on to say that doing things that entertain her flair also feeds her with lots of energy without fail. Some minimal gestures like creative expression, playing and dancing also spurts her energy to the extremes.

What her show taught her:

The Magicians is the recent show she has been featuring and it has premiered its fifth season successfully to be acclaimed as a great series. She claims to have learned a lot from her show including her hidden inner strengths in many ways. She is a woman of perseverance and verve which she mentions is the strength of her character. The show is a testimony for the sufferers of different variety right from individuals who harbor hurt, wounds and are flawed. It celebrates manhood in its full glory and that is something that got her inspired to initially sign up for the project in the first place.

Her similarities with the onscreen character:

She considers herself to be a more humored person than her character. She is someone who breaks into laughter more often than her onscreen personality which she feels is a major difference. The character in the show is quite similar to the kind of circumstances she herself has gone through in her life with all the hardships she has encountered since childhood. However, the way it gets treated in the show and how the character deals with it is totally different than hers is her strong opinion. One aspect which underscores the disparity is how her character combats with anger to fight her evils whereas she is more of a “love-all” kind of a person. She even goes on to proclaim that her solution to all the issues is always dealt with love and has never been violent to bits. Her exact verbatim to show the dichotomy is when she describes both her character and herself as engines of the same build, but outwardly designed differently in perspectives. They both care for humanity is how relevant her character gets on her real self and that is something she feels is very similar to her demeanor.

Magic of the daily life:

When the interviewer puts her up with a frivolous question as to how to incorporate magic into all our life. Tyler’s swift retreat is to specify that the magic itself is our life and how we come around with identifying it in the first place. She describes that our birth has been incredible from a tiny embryo to what we have become is magic beyond any bounds. Magic is just wreathed in everything we live with and all it takes for us to comprehend that is to basically identify it to our fullest potential. It resides in the sky, flowers, and the atmosphere to the clouds for us to just unblind ourselves from our trance and enjoy its full experience.

Her idea of shedding stress:

She opines that everybody has to deal with different remedies to reduce stress with respect to what actually comforts them utmost. For her, self-care has been the mantra that takes care of soothing her mind and relaxing her every nerve to the maximum. Quiet time, meditation, and massage are her therapy where she also stresses the importance of breathing.

Breathing has been hogging awareness only with the perspective of health, but it has got more than that. Her firm belief about the cause of stress is that we all are hurt about something in the past or really fret about something that is due in the future. The only resolve to actually ward off those thoughts is to live in the present. That involves a great deal of breathing. Breathing indicates present life as it is a celebration of that instant you are alive. So, breathing signals your present fortune of a gifted safe life where you can breathe fulsomely and express it.

Auditions and rejections:

According to her, rejection as a philosophy is redundant. As an actor, she is always put up with the challenges of auditioning which she considers to be something that deals more with the role the director envisions for her. It is very less about her talent and is quite conceivably more about the character she gets to portray which is misconstrued most of the time when rejection happens. She advocates the theory of art to be subjective and relative. Every character that you get to stage is different and most of the time it is about your relevance or adaptability to that character that takes a hit but not you. Someone’s opinion of your performance is not the best judge of your talent in any way is her strong philosophy when it comes to auditions. So, the rejection she defines is only constrained in your mind and has no real bearing on who you are or what you are capable of. She stresses this point by clearing the minds of many budding actors to try their hands at auditions bravely to any extent possible.

When enquired about her role models, she seems to be of the opinion that Oprah and Mary Angelou have tided over a lot of difficulties in their life to reach where they are today. She wants to emulate those greats in some way. The way she keeps things positive about her, she elucidates, is only about mindfully keeping the frame of mind positive. To surround or wreath her with positivity including the songs she listens to shields her from all negativity. Doing things that elevate your spirits and that way everybody can be positive all the time is how she spins it.

Her advice about people voicing opinions:

When people set their minds on something, the passion will override their reluctance to voice out making them eventually burst out with their effusion. They should not look to boil the ocean and change everything the first time. Influencing one at a time will eventually change tide over time.


Jade Tyler has been an actress loved by the public for some time now. Her oration and opinion of affairs have inclined people to her more than ever. She seems to have turned the charm with all her opinions and suggestions. Let’s follow her and get influenced with merry.