Mahashivratri Images For Whatsapp Dp, Profile Wallpaper – Free Download

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The “Great Night of Shiva” is right here. This year, the celebration of Mahashivratri, also indicated as Maha Shivratri, will be taking place on February 20, 2020. As it is known by all that being a Hindu festival, the celebration of Shivratri can be observed across India, where people worship Lord Shiva in the temples and is greeted milk & fruits. Also, this festival is named as Shiv-Shakti bearing Goddess Parvati in mind as the symbol of power (shakti). Mahashivratri, as per the folklores, arrives on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha of the Phalguna month in the Hindu calendar.

Mahashivratri Images For Whatsapp Dp, Profile Wallpaper – Free Download

Taking the new-age trend followed religiously by people of conveying warm greetings on any auspicious day, we present to you a cluster of Shankar Bhagwan images and pictures that you can set as your WhatsApp Dp or Profile Wallpaper and ask Lord Shiva to bless everyone with good health and happiness. Mahashivratri Images for WhatsApp Dp, Profile Wallpaper – Free Download

Lord Shiva is worshipped by humans, demons, gods, and just everybody. He is named God of Gods, that is, Mahadev, and is seen as the incarnation of Supreme Godhead. There are several speculations about his origins and is deemed to exist forever and everywhere. Lord Shiva, the “Destroyer” in the Holy Trinity (Trimurti) created together with Brahma (creator) and Vishnu (preserver), is revered in the form of Linga that is emblematic of the foundation of all universe. Mahadev is entirety – a yogi who is an embodiment of family man, his ire is boundless although he is simple to please. If one wishes to seek his blessings, they should make it clear in their mind that Lord Shiva sees the purity of soul & mind and honesty in his devotees.

So, concede your religious zeal to Lord Shiva on this Mahashivratri by spreading the word. Go through the collection of images provided below, set them as your profile wallpaper or WhatsApp Dp.