Puzzling Time In Whatsapp:

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WhatsApp is booming and a popular messaging application that has already taken the world by storm with its splendid features. People have been addicted to WhatsApp almost as though they would not pass a day without availing it. Some people wake up to WhatsApp messages and sleep by it, that it has become a nominal part of everybody’s life at ease.

The features of the application widen across all possible usage, where it is not only confined to messaging and chatting anymore. WhatsApp has become the pillar of entertainment where it now lends itself as a puzzle and games platform to entice people to extremes. The games and puzzles in WhatsApp have become too famous among the college-going grads and school groups that everybody in that league dwells in the puzzle games that WhatsApp offers.

One of the most popular game categories that people have fallen for in extremes is the dare games that pervade the platform in the most trending way. People latch on to WhatsApp to play daring games like Truth or Dare, or crazy dreams to revel in the funkiness of the application. Engaging in games is the accurate way to strip off any inhibitions you have while embarking on new friendships through this platform.

Games in WhatsApp have different categories befitting the choices of different kinds of people. All of them, irrespective of any age can be a part of gaming and puzzles from WhatsApp, for it has everything for someone’s interest. Some people are more inclined to intelligent games rather than just frivolous ones and they could easily involve themselves in puzzles and quizzes that WhatsApp offers. Some of them opt for the flippant categories like the Truth or Dare game which could ease their pressure off to extremes. The categories vary according to the demand and choices of people as you get to revel in your forte of games or puzzles.

WhatsApp also has interesting features to perk up the consumers like raging emojis or icons. When the puzzles or games are played, the rewards people get after winning them are these beautiful icons and emoji’s that excites and surprises them instantly. This propels and triggers people to play more of it and incites in them an interest to engage in different varieties of WhatsApp games and puzzles that the application has.

Puzzling Time In Whatsapp

Some of the interesting WhatsApp puzzles:

People who have been crazy about WhatsApp games and puzzles, try out different options of puzzles and cling to the ones that match their preference. They get so addicted to them that they start playing it on daily basis and also invariably master the game casually. Some of the important games which have taken people by interest are,

  1. Your Crazy dream?
  2. Your favourite quality
  3. What do you hate in me?
  4. The things to be changed in me?
  5. Your best friend
  6. Opinion on me.

The above are some of the prominent dare games people play and get perked up to the maximum. These games bring out your inner emotional attributes by giving you a lot of fun and spruces up your spirits easily. There are also games that intrinsically try to get the truth out of your hidden personalities that also invigorate you in all proportions. Some of the games which spike up the truth in you are amazing and incredible in their nature and context. Let us look into categories of them that are interesting and fun to have an impact on you for sure.

WhatsApp truth Games:

  1. The contact name on your mobile
  2. The nickname you like
  3. The characters in me that you like the most
  4. The dress colour that excites you
  5. Relationship between us
  6. Habit of mine you hate most
  7. Your matrimonial preference
  8. What is the character in me that I should change?

Above are some of the games which have been trending in all directions across the world. These games provoke and jazz up the bonding you have with your friends. These games can be leveraged to kick start a new friendship or rekindle the old ones in a way you almost get a companion for your life. It offers a lot of mojos and infuses a relationship that is unending and perennial. These games are played almost on a day-to-day basis and get frequent in course of your life casually.

games provoke and jazz

Questions from WhatsApp

Sometimes we would be surprised to find out traits about ourselves that would intrigue our own mind in a manner that we have never felt before. This kind of personality-based question is common in WhatsApp platforms, which makes the best use of your self-realization time where you get to know yourself better. These questions have been played and participated on a frequent basis ever since WhatsApp became popular for games and puzzles. Some of the typical questions that have excited people are,

  1. The first thing you notice when you meet a person
  2. Will you be a killer?
  3. The quality you like in yourself
  4. The person you want to marry
  5. Your favourite crush
  6. Your best friend
  7. Your first enemy
  8. The attitude you want to give up immediately
  9. Dedicate a song to yourself
  10. Dedicate a song to your loved ones
  11. A promise you broke recently

WhatsApp became popular for games and puzzles

Some of the daring questions that put you in a fix and daring spot are,

  1. Find out whether you are pregnant
  2. Am I ugly
  3. Am I beautiful
  4. Can you accept my proposal
  5. What I wish to be in my next life
  6. Whom do you want to hate?
  7. Whom do you want to love?
  8. Am I a cheater?
  9. Missing my ex-lover?
  10. Am I getting married next year?

All these questions and puzzles make you fall in love with the platform, not only for chatting but also for entertainment factors. There are also puzzle and mazy questions WhatsApp offers which are very interesting in their nature and content. Some of the prominent ones are:

  1. Can you tell me?
  2. Finding the alphabets
  3. Find the missing number



WhatsApp has emerged itself as a fun platform to regale people differently, and also serve its initial purpose as a messaging application to its best. It is superior in the tech world currently which is almost raging and trending itself as a complete fun application. Using it for quiz and gaming purposes is a joy beyond bounds and is definitely a way of channelling your fun time.