What Is The Longest Hitting Driver In Golf?

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 Looking for a golf driver that can hit for the longest distance can be quite a difficult task for anyone! When it comes to selecting a golf driver, you must know your limitations, strengths, and always base your selections on the driver that probably best suits those factors.

Longest Hitting Driver In Golf

Do you know that professional golfers can hit a driver about 300 yards or maybe more? Yes. But the less experienced golfers, even with the same driver, probably will not produce those results. There is a wide range of drivers that includes an array of features and materials and ever-improving technology. Therefore, opting for the longest hitting golf driver based on your selection.

Readers, today in this article, I will be going to tell you about some of the incredible golf hitting drives, and among all of them is the best one that is the Cobra Fly Z Driver. So let’s explore.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver

Callaway Mavrik sub-zero golf drivers come across the most incredible drivers of golf. This driver consists of three different models. One of the excellent features of the Callaway is that it has interchangeable weight, shaft, and custom grips to meet your individual needs. The sub-zero driver also offers the smallest head at 450cc.

TaylorMade SIM Driver

The TaylorMade SIM drivers, after generating their M line drivers, have now moved towards the SIM line drivers. SIM (Shape In Motion) gives us a hint of this driver’s design, which has received tremendous popularity in the golf drivers. Its asymmetric nature is such attention-grabbing. The head size of the golf driver is about 460cc. Also, the driver provides an aerodynamic quality to your swing.

Cobra Fly Z Driver

Cobra Fly Z driver is the most well-balanced golf driver that possesses a deep center of gravity that then leads towards the prime shots. This gold drive incredibly offers the best distance between forgiveness and accuracy. It has a very resonant and bright impact of feel and sound.  This is simply a fashion statement for all of those who admire beauty and fashion.

Cobra King Speed Zone Extreme Driver

The Cobra King Speed Zone Extreme driver is a solid option for the players who are extremely serious about adding power and forgiveness to their game. It is also known as the Speedzone driver because of its positively unique speed features. This golf driver also features a shaft flex that you can select depending upon your preference.

Titleist TS2 Driver

This golf driver reaches the highest launching in the series of the Titleist TS2 drivers. Another masterpiece that offers good weight adjustability. Its flat, complete profile makes it even more forgiving for off-center hits. The head size of this golf driver is 460cc. It is probably one of the longest hitting golf drivers of 2020.


These were some of the best golf drivers of 2020, of which the most highly recommended and the longest hitting golf driver is the Cobra Fly Z Driver that is perfect because of all of the features it offers.